See New Twitter Business Access, Protect Your Firm on Google

See New Twitter Business Access, Protect Your Firm on Google

Our latest community news and information roundup looks at the new trends on Twitter and other things being discussed on small business blogs and communities across the Web.

Twitter Has New Business Access (Marketing Land)

Mattt McGee reports on this new Twitter All Access program apparently aimed at bringing in more business advertisers. It offers access to “Twitter ad experts,” up to $100 in free ads and more.

Protect Your Law Firm On Google (OVC)

Google search has been helpful for law firms, and many other small businesses seeking to draw more attention to their services. But it has made it easier for those who could damage your business’s reputation too. The OVC team has some suggestions for protecting your online reputation.

Gone Fishin’ — For Customers (SmallBizDaily)

These days it’s not only important to consider your marketing message. You’ve also got to figure out how to place your information or message where the right audience or customers will find it. Eric Groves, founder and CEO of local business social network Alignable, compares this to going fishing. Here are Groves’ suggestions.

Experiment With New Marketing Trends  (Firefly Coaching)

While it’s important to avoid “shiny new ball” syndrome while marketing your business, it’s also good to experiment as a way of reaching new customers. Stephanie Ward adds extra insight in the BizSugar community.

Video Even More Popular on Mobile (Mobile on Mainstreet)

Among the new marketing trends out there is mobile video, writes Reggie Brutus, founder of Mobile on Mainstreet Inc. In fact, Butus says data shows mobile shoppers are three times more likely to watch a video than desktop shoppers.

Trends to Remember About Online Shoppers (Bongo)

For 75 percent of online shoppers, looking for products and services on the Internet is the norm. And 66 percent say they prefer to shop online. These are just some of the insights marketing researcher Lab 42 reveals in this graphic published by Bongo International.

8 Shortcuts for Improving Your Content Marketing (CorpNet)

Content marketing remains an important way to boost your brand and grow your business, says Susan Payton of Egg Marketing and Communications in this post from CorpNet. Automating some of your content marketing can improve efficiency. But be careful not to overdo, explains CorpNet CEO Nellie Akalp in further discussion at the BizSugar community.

Content Marketing is Really Nothing New (The Info Hound)

Though it’s become a major trend especially in the way brands market themselves online, we should remember the idea behind content marketing is definitely more than just the latest fad. Consider that, according to Jennifer Burke of IntelliCraft Research, trading stories for things of value is a time honored tradition and probably stretches back as far as trade itself.

This Sales Lesson is an Oldie but a Goodie (

Not every business strategy has to do with the latest technology. Sales coach Butch Bellah says he learned the most important lesson of his career 30 years ago at age 19 before there was an Internet or many of the other business tools we use today. Read this blog post for a simple concept that could change your business too.

Bootstrapping May Still Be a Great Startup Option (One Million by One Million Blog)

Bootstrapping is another classic business technique that defies the changing trends. Sramana Mitra interviews serial entrepreneur Jeff Leventhal, who bootstrapped his first software business and sold it for $100,000. See more of his story here.

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  1. Curious about ‘This Sales Lesson is an Oldie but a Goodie’ – about what Butch considered to be his most important sales lesson. So, I read it. Useful lesson and an interesting one. What you (prematurely) think, what you assume, can work against you and rob you and the client of an opportunity.

  2. It is not that surprising that video is more popular on mobile. Mobile gadgets like phones and tablets are just perfect screens for video viewing – portable and looks good. Also with apps like Youtube, video loading is easier than ever.