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Make a Cool Video, Enter to Win a Caribbean Cruise, From eSmallBusinessLoan


You work hard. Couldn’t you use a getaway to the beautiful Caribbean?

eSmallBusinessLoan is kicking off a summer-long online contest and campaign, called the “Who Gives a Fund Campaign [1]” (#WhoGivesaFund).  And the grand prize is a round-trip flight to beautiful Miami from within the continental U.S., along with a 3-day cruise for two to the gorgeous Caribbean.

Entering is pretty simple.  Put your creative hat on for a couple of minutes, and record a short video using the phrase “Who Gives a Fund.”  Have fun with it.  Make it something your friends and followers will want to watch and share. Then get to sharing on social media!

The video with the most views by the end of the campaign wins.  Be sure to read the complete rules and details on the contest website.

But Why the Phrase “Who Gives a Fund”?

The videos that people have submitted so far are creative and fun, even clever.  (Our favorite is the Marilyn Monroe lookalike, who rolls the phrase around on her tongue as if she’s preparing for a movie appearance.)

But why that particular phrase? Why “Who Gives a Fund?”

For starters, if you say it quickly several times, it starts sounding like, ahem, a phrase you might use if you REALLY didn’t care about something.

And that’s exactly the reaction the company wants you to have about traditional bank loans.  The idea behind the campaign, says the company, is to help small business owners realize that they are not limited to traditional, lengthy bank-loan processes when they need money.

There is another option:  merchant cash advances.

Getting a loan through a traditional bank can involve many time-consuming steps and reams of paperwork.  But for small business owners who are looking for fast capital, time is crucial.  Spending weeks dealing with a traditional loan application is just too long when when you need money to make payroll on Friday or to pay the office rent next week.  Why put up with lengthy procedures, they say, when there are alternatives to bank loans?

The company has a tongue-in-cheek video that describes the plight of small business owners frustrated by the whole process of getting a small business loan:

eSmallBusinessLoan [2] is one of a new breed of online sources of capital for small businesses.  Using a wide network of private funders, the site aims to be a central place that makes it easy and fast to get cash advances for working capital for a small business, based on your average monthly sales.

That’s why they are having fun with the campaign and holding the contest.  Most banks don’t do that kind of tongue-in-cheek marketing, but eSmallBusinessLoan.com is not a traditional bank, and they want everyone to know they are not about traditional bank loans.  They celebrate the difference.

Contest Details

What: “Who Gives A Fund Contest”. Grand prize is a round trip flight to beautiful Miami, Florida, and a 3-day cruise for two to the Caribbean!

When:  Now through August 29, 2014

Who:  Contest is open to any U.S. citizen, 18 or over. You do not have to be a business owner to enter the contest.

How:  Create a video and follow the official contest rules on the website.

Why:  Presented by eSmallBusinessLoan.com – which wants you to know you have alternative options to acquire working capital for your business, quickly.

Where: Enter the contest at WhoGivesaFund.com [1]