Two Year-Old ZenPayroll is Offering Time Tracking Features


Two-year-old ZenPayroll has added time tracking to its other features. The company says it is part of an ongoing effort to simplify the payroll process, especially for small businesses.

ZenPayroll already claims the process of setting up payroll on its system takes only minutes.

For example, instead handing a new employee paperwork which must be filled out and then processed, ZenPayroll allows you to send an online invite and have them enter their information directly into the system.

To run payroll, users enter time worked, bonuses and reimbursements. The company says its system even handles withholdings including 401k and medical insurance.

On payday, employees are sent an email linking to their online pay stub for access.


The company’s most touted feature is that it handles all local, state and federal payroll taxes automatically. But this has led to some limitations in scaling the service. Differences in regulations state to state have taken time to integrate.

For example, ZenPayoll is only available in the following states thus far, according to the company’s website:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington

But, if your business is located in one of the state’s where ZenPayroll is already available, you can now integrate another component into your digital payroll system too.

ZenPayroll and TSheets, an online time tracking software, recently announced they are integrating their systems.  In a recent post on the official ZenPayroll Blog, company PR Lead Steffi Wu explained:

“Running payroll for hourly employees can be complicated – multiple locations, different pay rates, ensuring compliance. TSheets time and attendance tracking makes it easy to track hours and PTO [paid time off] for your employees no matter where work takes them. And once you connect your TSheets account to ZenPayroll, employee hours and PTO days sync directly into ZenPayroll for a delightfully easy and efficient payroll process. No more tedious data entry, no more errors, and you can run payroll in seconds.”

Below, the TSheets team gives a quick overview of the integration process:

Cost for ZenPayroll is fairly simple to calculate. There is a $25 per month initial fee plus a $4 charge per person for the first 10 employees or contractors in the system. Cost per person goes down to $2 as the number of employees or contractors in the system goes up.

If you’d rather not add up the cost yourself, the website even provides a slide calculator that instantly gives you your cost based on number of contractors or employees you’ll have on your payroll.

TSheets has a similar rate schedule with a $20 per month flat fee and $5 for each additional employee or contractor for companies with under 100 people on their payroll.

Freelancers can use the service to bill their clients for hours at a cost of $10 per month.

Images: ZenPayroll


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  1. Perhaps ZenPayroll would consider integrating with CreativeWorx TimeTracker to AUTOMATE the time capture process? It’s very easy to do with the TimeTracker API. The hardest part of timesheets is knowing what was done and what billing codes to use. TimeTracker solves that problem and can send timesheet data to any payroll or invoicing platform. Check us out at

  2. I like this because it’s clean. It is already good by itself but the time tracking feature is a bonus. It will make the tool more useful for freelancers and people who work on an output or hourly basis.

  3. Besides from the fact that the zen payroll is a lot of help for those who are having troubles in calculating their employee’s salary, it is now improved by the time tracking feature this would ensure more effectiveness and also it would be more accurate to calculate the employee’s salary.