Akvelon Announces the Release of Kaltura Media Management on Microsoft Azure

BELLEVUE, Wash., July 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — “Akvelon has partnered with the Kaltura developer community to release an open source Media Management on Microsoft Azure today,” stated Toby Rawlinson, Akvelon’s Partnership Manager.

Kaltura is a cloud based video platform for delivering video and audio content. It allows publishers and content owners to publish, manage, monetize, and analyze their videos and other rich-media content. The main components of Kaltura’s online video platform are based on open-source software; thus Kaltura users can upload, moderate, organize (i.e. assign categories, tags and other metadata), and encode videos. It provides a fully customizable and easily configurable video player, and makes it simple to embed video content to blogs or other external pages. Kaltura’s security system provides fine-grained control over video access.

Media Management based on Kaltura provides the capability to store and encode video content with Microsoft Azure Media Services, while keeping Kaltura’s extended content management capabilities. According to Akvelon’s CEO Sergei Dreizin, “One of the key benefits of our approach is the decreased operational and network load on your Kaltura server.” Content storing, encoding, and delivery is performed on Microsoft Azure cloud so you can get a production ready video platform without high requirements for the server Kaltura runs on. All operations via Microsoft Azure are transparent for the user. This new software solution allows those who are familiar with Kaltura Management Console to learn to use it with Microsoft Azure rather quickly.

Mr. Dreizin continued, “One of the stumbling blocks for Kaltura CE users is the complexity of the Kaltura installation. We have prepared the Virtual Machine image http://vmdepot.msopentech.com/Vhd/Show?vhdId=42486&version=43570, that contains CentOS, all Kaltura prerequisites and our Kaltura installer.”  This will aid users in getting the Kaltura server up and running in less than 15 minutes https://github.com/Akvelon2014/Media-Management-based-on-Kaltura/wiki/Deploying-Kaltura-On-Microsoft-Azure.

The Media Management for Kaltura CE code is an open source solution.  Software developers can find the Media Management source code at GitHub https://github.com/Akvelon2014/Media-Management-based-on-Kaltura.

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