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We are entering our 11th year running a blog that long since has evolved into a news site and content resource.

As the founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, I am proud to report that it’s a business that supports a substantial team.  With upwards of 12,000 articles, we have tons of blogging and content marketing experience.   Articles come from some of the best and brightest in the industry.  And they all focus on small businesses.

Here are some of our best articles on the topic of blogging and content marketing.

What to Write About

The hardest part of blogging sometimes is figuring out WHAT to write about.  Luckily, our crackerjack staff writers and contributors can help you break through writer’s block.   You’ll never again say to yourself, “What do I write about next?”

100+ Blogging Ideas for a Small Business

It never misses.  You sit down at your computer or tablet, and your mind goes blank.  But fear not, Lisa Barone has put together an awesome list of 104 ideas for blog posts.   Read the list of blog ideas …

Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

If you are blogging for business, then you will want to structure and organize your activities.  An Editorial Calendar is invaluable. But there’s more to creating an Editorial Calendar than meets the eye.  Create your calendar …

16 Tools to Come Up With Ideas for Posts

People often ask us where we come up with article ideas.  This excellent list from Editor Shawn Hessinger identifies some of the tools we use (in fact, two of the tools are owned by my company, Small Business Trends).  See the tools …

50+ Content Curation Tools

Today, it’s not just about what YOU create.  Curating and sharing content created by others can position you as a thought leader who always “finds the best stuff.”  Provided you give attribution to the original creator, in general it’s fine to leverage other people’s content.   View the content curation tools …

How to Write Blog Posts

SEO may help introduce first-time visitors to your site, but search engine traffic only goes so far.  You’ll want loyal return readers. For that, you need fantastic content.

Steps for Writing A Great Blog Post

This article offers a checklist, of sorts, to help you create great blog posts every time.  Follow the steps…

Blogging Tips – Don’t Be a Content Robot

Stand out!  Readers are attracted to content coming from a writer with passion for the subject.  And they don’t want it boring, says Susan Payton.  This list provides tips to help you write more interesting yet professional posts.  Read these 10 tips…

5 Ways To Build A Better Business Through Blogging

Yes, blogging can actually improve your business.  This article explains how to build personal relationships with customers, current and future.  Read how to blog with customers in mind …

Create an Article Quality Checklist — 4 WordPress Plugins

Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure that all your authors and contributors have an easy checklist of do’s and don’ts for writing quality articles?  We think so!  And so does Ann Smarty.  Create article checklists …

Become a Better Blogger in 7 Easy Steps

A great blog site isn’t created overnight. It takes dedication and solid processes. This 7-step guide helps you focus — and deliver.  Learn how to become a better blogger…

How to Market Your Content

Once you create your content, you can’t just write and expect people to find it.  You have to actively market your content and build a readership.

8 Content Marketing Practices That Power Your Impact

Blogging and content marketing ultimately is about having an impact.  This list focuses on using best practices and developing a content strategy to define and build your brand, says Deborah Shane.  See the best practices …

4 Blog Mistakes

Is your blog gaining loyal readers?  If not, maybe it’s how your blog is designed and presented, says Melissa Fach.  See why people don’t read your blog …

10 Best Content Marketing Books for Small Businesses

Reading a print book about blogging and online content is ripe with irony. This list courtesy of our Book Editor, Ivana Taylor, covers 10 books.  See the content marketing books …

14 WordPress Content Marketing Plugins

Do you use WordPress for your blog? If so, plugins can assist with marketing and make your content easier for readers to share. Megan Totka has the scoop. See the content marketing plugins …

Simple Steps To Improve Your Business Blog

A stale business blog could send the wrong impression. See how to keep your site fresh, new and engaging. Learn how to build readership…

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Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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