Camp GLP Combines Summer Camp and Small Biz Accelerator

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Imagine an event that’s one part summer camp and one part small biz and personal growth accelerator. The result is Camp GLP, Sept. 11-14, 2014 an event designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs take their efforts to the next level. Think of it as summer camp for adults.

The camp’s founder Jonathan Fields explained in an email interview with Small Business Trends:

“We wanted to create a way for entrepreneurs, makers and aspiring world-shakers to step out of their everyday reality, reconnect with people who are going through similar journeys, rediscover play and nature, experience moments of ease and joy and at the same time get a ton of real business value.”

Camp GLP, short for Good Life Project, is a 3½-day excursion to Iroquois Springs Camp in Rock Hill, New York. It offers the full summer camp experience for adults, including classes, crafts, and even bunks (though single rooms are also available).

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Campers have access to more than 20 business workshops covering topics like crowdfunding, visual branding, podcasting, and more. But those practical workshops are mixed in with some craft and maker driven workshops that actually offer their own type of business value.

business summer camp

For example, Fields said that the camp’s visual journaling workshop teaches entrepreneurs about mindfulness, sight, and expression. And those are qualities that can translate to improved observation and storytelling for business purposes. He said:

“While the craft/maker-driven workshops aren’t outwardly about business, in reality, they’re all about business. Because making stuff with your hands teaches you powerful business lessons.”

Another benefit of the camp format he mentioned is the opportunity to make real meaningful connections with the other campers. At traditional networking events, there’s time to exchange basic information and business cards but not much more. But campers spend days and nights with their fellow entrepreneurs, leaving more time for conversations, collaborations, and meaningful connections.

This is the first official year for Camp GLP. But Fields and the rest of the team have actually been working on the concept for the better part of a decade. In fact, the team runs a number of smaller training sessions, such as GLP Immersion, throughout the year that are similar in concept to the camp.

Full cost for the camp is $995, which includes lodging and meals. Specials are also available for the first 150 campers. The team expects about 200 to 250 campers to attend this year.

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Fields would like to offer a special discount to Small Business Trends readers. Until Aug. 15, 2014, enter the code SBT2014 upon checkout and get 10 percent off your registration fee.


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  1. They should have these when I was young. It is better to go on summer camps that can teach you something rather than wasting your time on activities.