VerticalResponse Lets You Collect Emails Without a Website

collect emails using verticalresponse

VerticalResponse, an email marketing solution for small business owners and entrepreneurs, has announced they are including custom hosted sign up pages within their marketing platform. The new sign up pages will be free to new and existing VerticalResponse customers with lists up to 1,000 subscribers.

The new feature allows you to set-up a web form and collect new subscribers for your email list, the company says. Each new form you create will be hosted with VerticalResponse, so you can use the new feature even if you don’t have a website now.

The feature is one option for business owners who are waiting to launch a new site, or just want to test new campaigns. Each new form has its own unique URL that you can share on social media, email or anywhere else you choose.

You can also customize the sign up forms with one of the 12 templates offered. Fonts, sizes and colors can also be customized. VerticalResponse says they are releasing more templates soon.

The forms are mobile friendly, so visitors should be able to sign up on any device. Once your visitors subscribe to your list they can be taken to a “Thank You” page that you customize to match your brand. You also have the option to redirect subscribers to another URL of your choice, instead of using the thank you page.

Subscribers are put through a ‘double opt-in’ process to maintain a high quality subscriber base. The new subscribers will receive a confirmation email to ensure they signed up to the correct list. Additionally, if you have multiple lists, the subscriber has the option to choose which list (or lists) he or she wants to join.

Connie Moyle, who is the head of public relations at VerticalResponse told Small Business Trends:

“I think the biggest advantage to the new feature is that everything is done for you.”

We took the time to set up a setup page to test it out and found it a very easy and seamless process. We were able to create a new account and a new webform, obtain a URL and customize the page all in about ten minutes. So the new VerticalResponse feature seems to be very easy to use and quick to install.

Finding  another solution that allows you to quickly get up and running collecting new subscribers online without considerable investment has been difficult up until now, so the service seems unique at the moment. We may see more options like this from other companies in the near future.


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  1. I guess we need something like this. After all, you can collect emails in forms and in events. You also need to collect all these emails for your contact.

  2. This is a really cool option, but it seems they’re limiting it severely by offering it only to customers with a list of at least 1000 people. Honestly, how many people without a website have email lists that large?

    • I think you’re reading that wrong. It’s people with subscriber lists *up to 1,000* subscribers. So it’s really ideal for anyone with a smaller list

  3. Connie here from VerticalResponse. Anyone with a list size of up to 1,000 subscribers can use our full email and social media marketing platform – including email sign-up pages – for FREE. You can check out our pricing page here: … Hope this clarifies things!