From Our Community: High Performance Email Tips and More

From Our Community: High Performance Email Tips and More

There are many tools and techniques that will make your business work more smoothly. In case you don’t have time to look these up yourself, we’ve scoured the our community of small business blogs and social sites for the best solutions out there. Here in this week’s Small Business Trends Community News and Information Roundup are some of the most interesting suggestions we found. Enjoy!

High Performance Tools and Techniques for Your Email (Productive Superdad)

Email can be a godsend for small business productivity. But it can be a nightmare too. If opening, reading and dealing with email occupies too much of your day, check out this podcast in which Timo Kiander interviews author and email expert Kosio Angelov. And leave a comment in the Bizugar community.

Secrets of More Effective Leadership (Rhemlock)

Whether running a business or any other organization, leadership skills are the same. Ryan is currently studying for a masters degree in Library and Information Science. Here he shares some of the key qualities needed for leadership in that program: knowing your organization, listening and collaboration. Sound familiar?

Tools for a Better PowerPoint (Small Business

PowerPoint is an important business tool, especially if your business depends upon making presentations. But these days, everyone uses PowerPoint. You need something to give your presentation that extra edge. Business and technology writer Helen Bradley has these suggestions.

Software-As-A-Service for More Efficiency (Smallbiz Technology)

These days there are software-as-a-service packages for just about everything you do in your business. Here’s a list from the Young Entrepreneur Council of services that schedule your business appointments, for example. Can you think of any other similar SaaS solutions that can make your small business work more effectively

Leverage Google Maps and Other Online Tools (LocBox)

Google Maps is adding Yelp-like features. It’s another in a series of constant upgrades you can expect from online tools. For small businesses, this is great! It gives you more free tools that would cost you money from another source. Read this overview from Sienna Witte about the latest update and what it means. Hopefully you’ll be inspired.

Master Your Social Media Efforts (Keep Up With the Web)

In this post, Sherryl Perry gives us an update of some of the major considerations when mastering your social media presence. Topics include social media monitoring tools, discussion of your LinkedIn strategy and more. Then she chats in the BizSugar community about some important points including how to craft an effective profile.

Get Your Meetings Under Control (Breaking Down Your Business)

Communications is important in any business. Meetings can be an important tool for achieving that goal. But what happens if meetings become more disruptive than helpful? So glad you asked. Here Brad Farris and Jill Salzman interview Tamara Monosoff and Tyler Mose on this topic. And Devan Perine explains more in the BizSugar community.

Utilize Your Blog and Newsletter Effectively (Be Visible Associates)

No, your blog and your newsletter aren’t the same. Here Internet marketing consultant Betsy Kent explains the difference and how each can be used most effectively for your business. And yes, your business most likely needs both. Hopefully this will help you learn more.

Think About Products and Services (Melzies Makes)

Just like every other part of your business, your products and services require careful planning. Here Melzie of craft business startup Melzies Makes discusses how to develop the product and service part of your business plan. Don’t neglect it. It’s an important part of your company and whether it will succeed or fail.

Build Strong Relationships with Customers (Techracle)

This may be a less tangible piece of advice from Web designer and IT consultant Miracle A. Ayodele. But it’s no less important to consider. Building strong relationships with customers is an art. Ayodele takes some time to discuss how to develop trust in the comment section of the BizSugar community.

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