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Look at the serene room above. This is where the nine employees at 4-month-old startup E-Viable.com go to chill out and clear their heads. For more on why they need all the relaxation – read on in this weekly Small Biz Spotlight!


Comprehensive business analysis.

E-Viable produces local and national competition analysis, market analysis, market projections, market saturation analysis, scope of potential target customer base and more. But the data also comes with consulting services from a team of seasoned entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. It is delivered in an accessible, affordable way, says principal partner and strategist at E-Viable Michael Johnston.


It started with a conversation. No, seriously!

Johnston was having a conversation with a business partner about the knowledge and guidance needed at the very beginning concept and startup phase of a business. As an entrepreneur himself who has started multiple companies, Johnston was talking about how he wished he had had a service providing analysis for startups like E-Viable when he was starting out. Cue light bulb!


Helping a business find just the right niche.

Johnston has trouble narrowing wins down to just one or two, but he likes this success story in particular:

“I’m not sure if it was our biggest win, but one that sticks in my mind is that we helped guide a fledgling crowdfunding platform (we have vast experience in many many fields) gain knowledge and insights into this new industry. We helped them pivot from their original concept that was overly crowded and find a niche that ultimately they have become experts and leaders in. Every person or company we help is so important to us, because if these fledgling companies can start or grow, that creates jobs. And knowing we had a part in that is very rewarding and humbling to us.”


Company retreat!

Johnston says he would definitely spend the money on the company’s employees. After working hard to create an environment where people love to come to work, he says he would build on that culture with an opportunity for additional bonding.


Well, now we come to the photo above.

Johnston explains:

“We have an office room dedicated to clearing your head and or resting. In that room we have a TV with xBox, and other media devices. We know that our team is so driven that, if you don’t step away from the situation, you tend to get bogged down and less focused. We love to have fun and work hard.”

Oh, and one more thing, Johnston adds:

“Our office mascot is a bulldog named Bruce. He’s six and he loves to lounge around. He’s also very friendly and loves to hang out with various members of our team.”

* * * * *

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Image: E-Viable


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  1. This goes to show that analysis is really important for businesses. For a business to focus on that and boom, that just means that the service is essential for most businesses especially those that are operating online.

  2. Sounds like something that all small businesses and startups should look into. Finding out about what you’re getting into beforehand is vital and something I think most new entrepreneurs overlook.

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