Ever Wonder What Google Growth Looks Like in Real Time?

google growth rate

Did you know in the 46 seconds it took you to read this article, Google has already earned $93,595? Within this same timespan, the Google machine has also churned out over 200,000 unique searches and shipped out about 30 new Chromebooks.

And if you can believe it, nearly 4 million YouTube videos have been watched since – totaling over 100,000 hours!

The majority of Google’s revenue comes from its advertising platform. As you can see in the neat infographic below, some of Google‘s profits go towards R&D and lobbying politicians, but most of it just goes right back into keeping the machine well-oiled.

google growth rate

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Image: Buddy Loans

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  1. Yes. We get it. The company is so big that it is churning out money like a machine by the second. It can easily qualify as a money factory. It has an edge because people are now Internet-dependent. And since it is the top search engine around, it is natural for it to rake in all of the revenue.

  2. Ever thought of naming Google “the 8th Wonder of the World”. Well, the giant truly deserves it. The guys in Google really knows how to reach an audience and appease the hunger, making a huge profit on the way. More than just staying up-to-date with Google’s changes, we marketers should also try to take a cue from Google’s marketing strategies.