GrowthCloud Unveils Major New Features in Release 2.0

ARLINGTON, Va., July 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — GrowthCloud, the leader in cloud-based revenue planning and execution software, today unveiled Release 2.0, the company’s most significant set of new capabilities since GrowthCloud’s initial product launch in 2013. New opportunity and risk modeling, real-option valuation and real-time data capabilities were co-designed with customers to significantly improve revenue performance and growth outcomes.

GrowthCloud Release 2.0 deepens the revenue planning and execution capabilities of companies and makes their pursuit of future revenue streams and growth opportunities more strategic and systematic.  New features empower GrowthCloud users to easily organize and analyze vital business information, forecast opportunities and critical business events, rapidly model their potential impacts, and manage execution to capture revenue and growth opportunities in a real-time environment. Key new features of GrowthCloud Release 2.0 include:

Opportunity Modeling – Multi-horizon forecasting and real-options valuation of revenue streams, growth opportunities, strategic options and capital allocation scenarios. With these powerful features, companies gain better visibility and more control into their future.

Risk Modeling – Easy categorization and automatic quantification of real-world events and their potential impact to strategic decisions, revenue outcomes and growth opportunities. Companies can now consistently express risks in financial terms, link them to strategic and revenue impact, and track and update mitigation actions dynamically.

User-Centric Dashboards – Resource assignments and dynamic notifications drive continuous monitoring, updates and course adjustments of strategic initiatives and risk mitigation programs.

Corporate Hierarchies – Flexible application architecture maps to any corporate structure. This powerful feature allows companies to set up secure, role-based workspaces for operating companies, strategic business units and product teams while providing enterprise-wide visibility and roll-up for executive teams.

Real-time Global Economic Data – Sourced from The World Bank, over 1.5 million real-time data points from over 200 countries are made available to support new market exploration. Companies can search the globe for the most attractive markets with the world’s richest and most reliable source of economic indicators.

“Corporations and mid-market companies alike are facing a truly global, hyper-competitive business environment and a relentless demand for more revenue and growth,” said Wayne Simmons, Co-founder of GrowthCloud. “Compounding those challenges, their future of revenue streams and growth opportunities are very likely to come from unfamiliar customers in unfamiliar markets. With the new capabilities and the ‘globalization’ of GrowthCloud in Release 2.0, customers are not sitting idle, they are taking preemptive action today to find, shape and capture the exciting opportunities of the future before the competition.”

“Our customers are increasingly moving critical business functions to the cloud. With GrowthCloud, that now includes the most important business functions of all – accelerating revenue and sustaining growth,” said Adam Stafford, Senior Product Manager for GrowthCloud. “The new capabilities in GrowthCloud Release 2.0 are not incremental.  They represent a significant leap forward and a strategic marker for the company as we carve out a distinctive space and stake our claim as a market leader in the revenue performance management segment of enterprise software.”

Situated upstream from customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software, GrowthCloud is the first enterprise SaaS platform dedicated to revenue planning and execution.  According to related research by Aberdeen Group, Best-in-Class companies are two times more likely to be able to align revenue forecasts to changes in the business environment and are 92% more likely to be able to perform what-if analysis of markets, competitors and customers.

About GrowthCloud
Welcome to the Next Generation of Revenue Performance. GrowthCloud® is a first-of-a-kind revenue planning and execution platform, purpose-built to help companies accelerate revenue and sustain growth. As cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), GrowthCloud provides everything needed for revenue and growth in one place. Across a wide range of industries, Modern Growth Champions in marketing, product, strategy and the C-Suite rely on GrowthCloud to find, shape and capture the revenue and growth opportunities of the future with confidence. For more information, email us at, and visit to subscribe to GrowthSpace, our virtual coffee shop dedicated to the pursuit of revenue and growth. GrowthCloud was established in 2011, and is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

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