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How to Attract the Best Employees to Your Small Business

how to attract the best employees

What type of company culture and environment is most desirable for job seekers? Recent research by iCIMS [1] polled more than 400 job seekers to find out what they look for when seeking a job. Here’s some of what they discovered about how to attract the best employees to your small business.

The study [2] defined four main types of corporate culture: clan, adhocracy, hierarchy and market:

Got a Clan Culture?

Congratulations! Since this appeals to the greatest number of job candidates, be sure to emphasize the nurturing, collaborative aspects of your culture in every stage of your hiring process, from creating want ads to interviewing and onboarding new employees.

Don’t Have a Clan Culture?

Don’t panic. There are people who like other types of cultures, too. Case in point: thousands of people want to work for adhocracies like Google and Apple.  Whatever type of company culture you have, the key is to be honest about it. Highlight the positive aspects of your particular culture during recruiting, interviewing and onboarding. That way, you’ll attract people who are a good fit.

What Types of Managers Do Job Candidates Prefer?

Managers are a key factor in creating corporate culture:

Just as with corporate cultures, not every job candidate likes the same type of manager. And, as with corporate cultures, the key to finding a good fit between candidates and their future managers is being open about what you’ve got. iCIMS suggests you:

Good news for small businesses – the survey found that workers of all ages are slightly more interested in working for small employers.

In particular, workers aged 45 to 60 are substantially more likely to prefer small employers. About 70 percent of workers in this age group would rather work for small or very small companies.

That means there’s a big pool of experienced talent out there for you – if you know how to sell your company culture the right way.

Google [3] Photo via Shutterstock