Ever Wondered About the Internet 100 Years From Now?

internet 100 years from now

From wearable transmitters to smart cars, many things in our lives are already interconnected digitally as we embrace technology a little more each day. So what does the future of the Internet of Things hold?

First, ambitious efforts like Project Loon are hoping to provide everyone in the world with access to the Internet via balloons. If you think that sounds a little crazy, how about this – 100 years from now, the Internet we know and love today could be obsolete.

See, everything on the planet will finally be plugged in where augmented reality could become embedded in everything we do (think Google Glass without the dorky spectacles). We could have instant access to real-time language translation for face-to-face conversations, constant monitoring of our health and much more. Even our brains might be wired in to increase productivity, where we could eventually be able to communicate through just a mere thought!

Imagine if you could search the Web with your mind?

The Internet is an exciting and (potentially scary) playground that’s still in its infancy and could see a major shakeup in the next few years, let alone the next 100. So enjoy a few potential ideas about the Internet 100 years from now.

internet 100 years from now

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What’s your vision for the future of the Internet?

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  1. Some interesting possibilities…..but who thought we’d be doing what is possible today 20 years ago? Ideas just need the technology to catch up to them…..….incremental steps will shape the possibilities of the next 100 year.

  2. Most of it sounds exciting and I hope I’m around to witness and experience it, especially emailing tangible things (it reminds me of Star Trek & tele-transportation devices!)

    “even our bodies will be instrumented and monitored” is a scary thought to me. I’m all for the advancement of technology, but not at the expense of making us less human.