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How to Market Your Business on Twitter Like a Pro

How to Market Your Business on Twitter

It may already be obvious that Twitter is an indispensable social platform for businesses. Of course, it has the ability to accommodate regular status updates that can be instantly broadcast to a list of followers. But it can also be used to reach out to customers, form trending conversations, directly answer customer inquiries, and further relationships with them and prospective clients.

Over the years, Small Business Trends has written a lot of articles on how to market your business on Twitter. Below is a handy list we’ve compiled of those resources to help your small business make the most out of your Twitter experience.

137 Tips to Market Your Business on Twitter [1]

Who better to learn the best Twitter practices for your small business than from other small business owners already engaged on the site? We compiled this mega list of Twitter tips [1] and practices for small business owners to help get you started on the social site. More tips help you gain more followers and actively engage your audience.

80 Ways to Use Twitter as a Small Business Owner [2]

There are many ways that Twitter can benefit your small business. Here’s a list of 80 ways that a small business owner can take advantage of the social network to successfully market your business on Twitter. Some of these tips allow you to grow your business by expanding your audience. Other tips on this 80 ways to use Twitter [2] list can help you boost sales, too.

20 Reasons People Unfollow You On Twitter [3]

If you’re too political, too unprofessional, or aren’t real, you’re likely to get get unfollowed on Twitter. To find out why people unfollow others on Twitter, we went right to the source and asked those who’ve decided that one person or business on the site needed to be removed their reasons for why they decided to unfollow on Twitter [3].

10 Reasons to Boost Your Twitter Presence [4]

It is no longer enough to simply have a Twitter account to market your business on Twitter. After all, an account with no engagement isn’t worth much and could actually hurt your brand. Here are 10 reasons you definitely want to boost your Twitter presence [4] today.

5 Ways to Turn Up the Volume for Twitter [5]

With so many people and brands shouting their messages on Twitter everyday, it is easy to get drowned out with all noise. Amid all the noise, there are tips to help your message get noticed by the people you need to read your updates. It is only a matter of knowing how to market your business on Twitter [5] with more volume.

10 Twitter Blunders Businesses Should Avoid [6]

Are you sure you’re using Twitter in the most effective way you can? Simple blunders can easily push your customers away and drive them to your competitors instead.

Some of these mistakes could seem harmless, like retweeting your own tweets or using too many #hashtags in your posts. See what else could be driving away your customers and hindering your efforts to market your business on Twitter successfully. Make sure you aren’t making these Twitter mistakes [6].

11 Tips for Using Images on Twitter [7]

Twitter isn’t just about messages in fewer than 140 characters. Images are now hugely popular on Twitter too, and it’s important to learn how to use them properly as part of your social media mix to effectively market your business on Twitter.

Everything from bright colors in your photos to some engaging YouTube videos embedded in your Tweets can help you get more attention.  That’s why we have created this article with 11 tips that can help you maximize the use of images on Twitter [7].

20 Ideas for Twitter Cover Images [8]

Cover images can say a lot about your social account. We see the role they play on Facebook and Google Plus. Now it’s time to think about how you can use your Twitter cover image to boost your brand’s visibility. Here are 20 ideas for Twitter cover images [8] to inspire you.

5 Tools to Research the Demographics of Your Twitter Followers [9]

You’ve gotten a fair amount of followers for your business profile on Twitter but no one seems to be retweeting or interacting with your posts. Perhaps you don’t know your audience that well?

This list of tools helps to give you some insight into who is actually following you. These tools to research Twitter follower demographics [9] may be able to influence what you post and what type of posts generate the most interaction.

7 Free Tools to Find Twitter Influencers [10]

Ultimately, Twitter is all about impact. In the end, the people who can fully utilize this social medium are the people who have some influence to begin with. How can you track these people? Here are free tools to find Twitter influencers [10] that make that easier.

Still Not Enough? Here’s Even More!

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