What’s Your “Millionaire Master Plan?”


A personality, strength-based, guidebook for building your profitable business.

millionaire master plan

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve set a goal for myself to get real about sales, revenues and profits around my business.  You’re going to get a peek at some of the books I’ve been reading as guides to help me overcome my “issues around money and profits.”

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Mike Michalowicz’ new book Profit First and today, I’m sharing The Millionaire Master Plan: Your Personalized Path to Financial Success.

Don’t skip over this review because it has the word “Millionaire” in it.  If you’re anything like me, you might be thinking something like, “Ugh, another get-rich-quick book or think-yourself-rich-book.”  I get it.  And, I suppose you can look at it that way.  But I look at these kinds of books as interesting and thought provoking more than what my friends and I call #WackyWooWoo.

5 Things You Will Appreciate About Millionaire Master Plan

Let’s set our prejudices and judgments aside for just a moment and dig into what I found to be some really useful points in this book that will, at least, get you to think a little more deeply about your relationship to money inside your business.

The Genius Assessment

Hamilton has developed a “find-your-genius” assessment he calls it the Millionaire Master Plan Test. I was able to take it as part of my review copy package.  When you receive your copy of the book, you’ll find a code on the inside back cover and be able to take the test too.  The point of the test is to identify your natural strength which will serve as a guide throughout the book.

The Foundation Prism

This is a sort of timeline or progress map.  You basically identify where you, are on the path to profits, and then follow the guidelines for your genius to progress and grow along the Millionaire Master Plan.

Unabashed Honesty

Hamilton openly shares his struggles with money and how he overcame them.  He does this as an example to the reader and how you can most benefit from the book and the advice he gives.  Yes, you will have to face the truth about how you deal with and feel about money inside your business. Just reading his examples will get you closer to seeing what’s about money for you.

Personalized Plan

Once you understand what your genius is and where you are on the path to profit (as I call it), you can follow the personalized plan. It will help you overcome the obstacles you’ve been putting in your way, by thinking you have to do everything, or by being stuck within certain areas of your business.

DIY Promotion Plan

Hamilton also includes a chapter he calls “The DNA of a Great Promotion.”  As you’d imagine, I can never get enough promotion or marketing plan templates and this is just one more to add to my (and your) collection.

This is just a short list of items I really liked about this book.  When you get a hold of your own copy, I’d love to get your comments on what you liked.

About the Author

Roger J. Hamilton is a world renowned futureist and social entrepreneur.  He is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and creator of the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profiling systems, used by over 150,000 entrepreneurs around te world.

He’s a graduate of Cambridge University and has launched several companies as well as XL Nation, a global movement for social entrepreneurship.  He lives in Bali with his family.

What’s Your Path to Profit?

Even though this book has “millionaire” in the title, and Hamilton is talking about how to build a profitable business and a successful life, I don’t think this book is as much about making millions. It is about understanding your true self and what drives you. And then designing a business and a structure around your life and your business that allows you to fulfill the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Read The Millionaire Master Plan and you’ll come to learn about your true genius, accept it, and leverage your talents while growing your business – and your bank account.

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  1. What an in-depth review. I am excited to read it already. I always liked books with customized approaches based on what type of personality you have.