Twitter Chat Explores the Power of Mobility In Small Business

power of mobility

With growth in the popularity of smartphones and tablets, the importance of mobility to small businesses can’t be overstated. And that’s not just due to the fact that your customers are more likely to be shopping, searching for a local business or browsing your website from one of these devices either. No, mobile also impacts the way you interact with your team, employees and customers and even the way you run your business.

Now, more than ever, that can be done on the go. So how has the mobile revolution changed the way you get business done? Participants in “The Power of Mobility for SMBs: Obstacles and Opportunities” Twitter Chat answered that question and talked about the implications.

The chat was hosted by Hewlett Packard and presided over by the HP small business team — @HP_SmallBiz, Ramon Ray, technology evangelist and publisher of — @RamonRay and Anita Campbell, founder and publisher at Small Business Trends — @smallbiztrends. You can follow the chat in it’s entirety at #HPGoinMobile.

But we’ve also collected some of the high points below. First, how has mobile really changed the way small businesses operate?

Then on to more specifics, what challenges do small businesses face as employees start bringing mobile devices to work?

Beyond just operations, the chat also looked at how mobility was entering into customer relationships.

And finally, we got down to specifics, like what mobile apps and tools were small businesses finding the most useful in streamlining their process?

We hope you’ll find the entire “Power of Mobility” chat both illuminating and helpful when examining the challenges and possibilities your business faces with the mobile revolution. We also hope you’ll revisit the original event and share links to both the chat and this roundup with a friend.

Please note that Ramon Ray and Anita Campbell were compensated by HP to “speak” on this Twitter chat and share business expertise.

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    Shawn: Thanks for write-up summary of the chat. I participated in the chat and enjoyed it very much! I look forward to the next Twitter chat! 🙂