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Your Inner Child Wants a Rocket Ride!

rocket ride cartoon

Usually when I write cartoons, I find my inspiration in some piece of text: Flipping through a book, reading a magazine, perusing my blog feeds…but every so often, I come across something purely visual that sort of pops for me and I have to figure out how to use it in a cartoon.

I was walking into a store on a recent trip when I saw a few of those coin-operated children’s rides. One of them was this terrific retro rocket. You could tell this thing has been around a while and was on its last leg, but the kid in me still wanted to hop on and take that jerky vibrating trip to outer space.

I couldn’t help thinking about it. For a few days, I turned it over and over in my head until I finally figured out how to put it in this cartoon. It’s nice knowing that even if I can’t hop in a 25-cent rocket ride – at least one of my characters can.