Get Started With This Beginner’s Guide to Using Reddit

guide to using reddit

Reddit is a social bookmarking site and forum considered to be “The Front Page of the Internet.” Reddit is also one of the most popular sites on the Web, with over 114 million unique visitors per month, as of March of 2014.

The way Reddit works is essentially, people submit stories about different topics or “Subreddits” and other users, known as “Redditors,” then vote the content up or down. The more votes, the higher visibility for a post and, likely, more comments.

It’s important to follow the submission guidelines for each subreddit topic and to get a feel for the community before trying to participate. Redditors also favor original content (OC), so avoid posting duplicate material and, of course, using poor grammar, as the site can be unforgiving.

Reddit has become a go-to source for content and has transformed into a powerful online community where even the President of the United States has participated in the Ask me Anything (AMA) question-style of forum.

Learn more about the do’s and don’t of Reddit below:

guide to using reddit

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  1. I joined Reddit a year or two ago, but could never quite get my head around it.

    Thanks for the post. Found it useful.

  2. Nice article. Been trying to get my head around Reddit too for a while and the infographic has given me a few useful tips.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Aah, thank God it’s not just me. Reddit seems like a really busy version of Twitter, except the kitchen’s different and I don’t know where all the plates are!

  3. Well I must say that reddit is much simpler now a days. And also reddit never worked for me to bring in traffic like pinterest did.