6 Second Examples of Effective Vine Marketing Videos

vine marketing videos

Have you tapped into the 6 second visual impact that Vine offers your small business? Vine creates an opportunity to use video, the most popular content on the Web, in a very unique way. It combines video with another powerful force in online marketing, social media, by making it short, versatile and very easy to share.

But Vine also creates a unique challenge for brands of all sizes. While the short video can make a powerful impression, it also requires you to boil down your marketing message to just a few seconds.

If you’re wondering how to use this brief window of opportunity to connect with your customers to the best possible advantage through Vine marketing videos, you’re in luck. Check out the examples below to see how successful brands have leveraged marketing on Vine to create a powerful message to customers that can’t be ignored.

Vine Marketing Videos

Old Spice

Six seconds isn’t a long time. Sometimes the most powerful marketing message is a single memorable image. Watch as Old Spice sends an unforgettable message to Gillette about its product.


Vine offers another unique way of grabbing attention — animation. Here Oreo uses the effect for some “Jedi” levitation tricks while dunking dunk a cookie in a glass of milk.


Nostalgia can create an instant bond with customers, especially if they already have a long shared history with a brand or business. Watch as Volkswagon uses this technique by sharing the story of a 1955 Beatle that traveled the world 3 times and is still going strong — all in just 6 seconds.

Virgin Mobile

Humor can be another effective way of communicating quickly via Vine. Here Virgin Mobile takes a silly look at the possible downsides of really great network coverage, especially for those carrying heavy objects.


Dove, a brand associated with men’s products including deodorant and antiperspirant decided to keep their video suitably…err…manly as well. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to tie a Windsor knot.


Sometimes it’s hard to demonstrate what your business does in just 6 second Vine marketing videos. But marketing software brand Hubspot turned this challenge into an opportunity. Instead, the company showed off some of its branded T-shirts and a brief shot of its well-known co-founder. It’s enough to keep the company’s brand top of mind.

Bacardi UK

In other cases the solution is pretty obvious. For Bacardi UK, a well-known brand for alcoholic beverages, what could be more natural than a 6 second step by step drink recipe?


And 6 seconds is still enough time to encourage a call to action. Online clothing retailer ASOS shared a quick stop-motion video of a shipment being opened. It also encouraged followers to share similar vines under their #ASOSUnbox hashtag.


Meanwhile, other brands make use of a unique effect that creates a memorable impression. Nordstrom, for example, created a very memorable image that also played off of mobile and Vine too. Taking a video of the company made it appear a series of Vine users were literally passing Nordstrom merchandise from screen to screen.


Then there’s the philosophy of just being helpful. Watch as Lowes shares a quick tip for dealing with a stripped screw with a common household object.

General Electric

There are also marketing messages that hint at a brand’s basic qualities. GE, known for technical innovations, used Vine to share a simple science experiment that creates a cool visual and can be easily replicated with just a few supplies.


And how about dramatically demonstrating how one of your products is used? This quick stop-motion Vine showed off some of the things that people could keep in one of the Gap’s leather stripe totes.

American Apparel

Video, even in short clips, is great for giving a glimpse at the process behind a brand. American Apparel gave Vine users a peek into its manufacturing process for some of its made-in-America shoes.


Tutorials are well-known in the online video world. With a new mobile shopping app, fashion brand NETAPORTER shared a Vine clip detailing how the app works and how easy it can be to shop.

Urban Outfitters

Who doesn’t love looking at cute dogs or other animals? Urban Outfitters made a video to appeal to their dog-loving fans with this cute footage.

Samsung Mobile

Again, video is best for showing how things work. This stop-motion video shows off some of the capabilities of Samsung’s phones and apps while appealing visually to viewers.

Internet Explorer

Don’t be afraid to get a little fanciful. Internet Explorer created these animated characters to add some fun to its message while also highlighting some of the browser’s newer features.


Think of Vine as a really short TV spot. Watch as Progressive shows viewers an abbreviated commercial where it shares a social media hashtag for one of its more recent promotions.

As you can see, the possibilities for Vine marketing videos are almost endless. And because creating and distributing a video is free, it’s well in the reach of the most budget strapped entrepreneur. The key is to figure out a message that works for your brand.

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. Video gives you more opportunities to expand your brand by gaining it visibility and establishing credibility within your niche. Build a good video marketing strategy should be one of your goals if you want to target a wider audience.

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    It takes some time to load the Vine video clips! 😉

    How big is Vine nowadays? Could you have all your vines in one place now?

    • I just noticed that too, haha! And I’m not sure as I don’t really use it personally. Anyone know?

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    I watch my daughter and her buds use Vine. I haven’t “adopted” it yet.

    I’m just not there.

    Soon, perhaps.

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    • I signed up for it when it first came out but I always forget to use it. I do think it’s cool though. So I’m with you – maybe one day I will get into it.

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