See What Happens in a Minute on the Internet

what happens in a minute on the internet

Did you know that every minute another 293,000 statuses are updated on Facebook? Or that 433,000 Tweets are also sent out in that short timespan?

If you think those numbers are big, there are also 4.7 million new posts each minute on Tumblr alone (including reblogs).

See, there are quite a few things that happen online every second that ticks by. Do you happen to be on one of the 88,000 Skype calls going on as we speak?

A look at how much data is generated in one Internet minute below gives you a better idea of how much sharing activity takes place then too.

what happens in a minute on the internet

Image: Qmee


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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    Things are happening on the ‘net! 😉 Tumblr is a leading social media tool with 4.7 m posts created / reblogged per minute.

    The figure of 70 new domains per minute, is not so big, or is it?

    • I didn’t think Tumblr was busier than FB and Twitter combined. Interesting. Maybe that’s the case because it’s a blog with a social networking element.

      70 new domains a minute seems a bit low.