Wix Introduces Beautiful ShoutOut Newsletters


Wix , the freemium website building platform, announced its new ShoutOut feature today, a way to send out “beautiful newsletters” and updates about your business.

The service is used to create and design email campaigns with a few clicks from the Wix dashboard using email lists compiled using the Wix platform.

In an official release, Wix Co-Founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami explains:

“We allow small business owners to create and manage their online presence with enterprise-level solutions but without the need for enterprise-level resources. Wix ShoutOut is a classic Wix product – It provides a user friendly and code-free solution for a highly sought after business need. This is the latest addition to our comprehensive product suite, and we see it as an important step in furthering the Wix vision of creating a true operating system for the web.”

The new ShoutOut newsletter design and campaign management feature is the first to make use of the WixHive API.

WixHive enables site owners to collect data with apps from the Wix App Market which have been installed on their Wix webpage.

Here’s a look at how ShoutOut can be used to announce a new special on your menu, introduce a new line of merchandise, draw attention to a new product on your website or even promote a new event.

Wix has been a major phenomenon in the do-it-yourself web design space for the last couple of years.

The company announced intentions to seek  an initial public offering in October 2013. Wix reported $34.1 million in annual revenue as of June of that year and an intention to seek a maximum aggregate offering price of $100 million based on papers filed with the SEC.

Since then, Wix has seen impressive growth. In May, the Israeli startup reported earnings of $28.8 million for the quarter, an 86 percent increase year over year. (Notice how earnings for the quarter compare with earnings for an entire six months the previous year.)

At the same time, the platform boasted a 45 percent increase in users over the previous year with a total 46 million, more than 900,000 of them paying customers.

Image: Wix


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  1. From watching the video, ShoutOut looks pretty neat, seamless/straightforward to use.