10 Secrets For Better Focusing Your Business


Focusing your goals and approach in your business is the same whether your tweaking an existing venture or starting a new one. In this edition of the Small Business Trends Community News and Information Roundup, we scoured the best business blogs and communities for secrets on how to better do this. Here are the results.

Assess Your Level of Acceptable Risk

(Wilbert Rogers)

Before focusing your business, it’s best to figure out your goals in business in the first place. Entrepreneur and business man Wilbert Rogers reminds us that a huge part of the kind of business we build depends on the kind of success we are looking for…and perhaps the amount of risk we are willing to take.

Find a Unique Sales Proposition

(Write Online)

Copywriter Kevin Carlton reminds us of the importance of a unique sales proposition in any marketing campaign. But, of course, that USP should start way before you hire a marketer. It should start when you create your products or services in the first place as this discussion on BizSugar reminds us.

Leverage the Power of Blogging


You may be tired of hearing about the importance of blogging to your business, but it bears repeating. Here Eric DiSilvestro, cofounder of Occasion, which makes software for selling services from small merchant websites, reminds us of a Hubspot study. It underscores the power of blogs in marketing.

Discover the Importance of Your Niche

(JM Internet Group)

It can be hard to sell a product or service if all your competitors are selling the same thing. But are they really? Here SEO and social media consultant Jason MacDonald explains how even a product as common as insurance can be distinguished by identifying the right niche.

Find a Gap in the Competitor’s Market


One way to grow your business even in an industry dominated by a bigger brand is to find a gap in your competitor’s market. Here Brad Preslar, Chief Content Officer for Entwine Creative Group, tells a story of one market leader and two determined underdogs seeking an opening.

Get a Better Idea of Your Customer Base

(Marketing Land)

Learn what your customers and audience are up to. These days there seem to always be new tools to help. One in particular is this new filter from Google Analytics that eliminates bots and spiders from the traffic activity on your site.

Learn How to Deal with Bad Reviews

(Social Media Slant)

Another reality of modern business is the increased visibility of customer reviews. It’s a great thing if you’ve got customers are singing your praises. But as blogger Cendrine Marrouat explains, the opposite will likely also happen from time to time. Here’s some advice for dealing with criticism with added thoughts from the BizSugar community.

Master the Power of Social Engagement

(Past Master Blogger)

We talk a lot about social engagement these days. It’s easy to forget that so much of this started with commenting on blogs. Blogger Mainak Halder gives a detailed analysis of the kinds of commenting that generates engagement and traffic too. Typically the post led to even more commenting on BizSugar.

Keep Up With the Latest Tools

(Gingham Country)

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your business. As blogger and online seller Sandy Spencer reminds us, things are always changing. It’s important for every business owner to stay up with the latest tools to help your brand move forward.

Discover the Magic of Content Curation


Besides the importance of content creation in marketing and focusing your business, there’s also content curation to consider. Here Jan Gordan, founder of Curatti, talks about how having a great content curator can be critical for building the modern brand.

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  1. I agree with you. Theses are all very good tips to focusing your business. There are so many businesses out there that seem to be all over the place. Focusing on these 10 things would help any business to improve and focus.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Brussell! We love sharing some of the simple yet powerful wisdom out there in the small business community.

  3. I am all for mastering social engagement. Social media now plays a major role in online promotion. Without it, it is hard to get loyal clients as communication now plays a vital factor when it comes to Internet marketing.

    • Also, I like to comment about USP. Finding a unique selling proposition is very important because it is the concept that will let you stand out from your competitors.

      • Risk or disaster management is very important. You may need a communication officer for this one so that you have a plan prepared for any type of trouble that may come your way.

  4. Excellent list and couldn’t agree more. No matter how you do it having a focused approach to starting and running a business is extremely important. You will never have unlimited resources to work with, which is why it is important to find the right priorities with focus that will help you succeed by deploying the resources properly.

  5. Great points. According to me you will never get any serious client if you are not communicating what you can do for them and what is different and special about your services or products that will make you stand in front of the crowd. I truly admire the power of blogging. It is the only way through which you can bring your words out of your mouth.

  6. Focus is very important for a business for it will dictate productivity. It takes training and passion to achieve outstanding focus.