One Way to Deal With Business Competition

competitor business cartoon

There are a lot of things that tickle me about this cartoon (the cave drawing as strategy, the neanderthal in a meeting, the general nonplussed air of the other workers) but the word “COMPaTiShUN” makes me a little giddy.

It took way longer than I’d like to admit to get the combination of poor spelling and upper/lowercase confusion right.

But, hey – for a caveman…that’s really quite good.


Mark Anderson Mark Anderson's cartoons appear in publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. His business cartoons are available for licensing at his website,

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  1. Hahaha! The caveman looks rather nonplussed too, like he’s saying, “well, isn’t that what you’d do?”

  2. The caveman don’t really have a choice but to do that. It’s all that he can think about when he thinks of an enemy.

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