Cardtek USA Introduces Cordis4Net Platform

CHICAGO, August 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Cardtek USA, the American division of Cardtek Group – the global leader in software for financial transactions and EMV migration, announced Cordis4Net to satisfy the payment system needs of e-commerce, m-commerce, transportation and mobile network operator companies. The Cordis4Net platform will play a big role in the continuous growth of these key markets in the dynamic payments systems industry. The platform offers a multi-layered infrastructure solution for these companies to retain customers by expanding their service offerings with less customization efforts in a cost-effective, easy, end-to-end secure and competitive manner.

“With over a decade of international experience of EMV implementation, we have developed robust, high quality and cost-effective solutions for financial institutions and other companies providing secure environment solutions for the public,” said Gokhan Inonu, President of Cardtek USA. “We have developed Cordis4Net to enable these vertical players to enrich their customer service offerings.”

With Cordis4Net, companies can effectively manage the entire virtual POS infrastructure through a single interface, monitor customer profiles and card inventories, process open/closed loop transportation card solutions, provide NFC Mobile payment solutions, create their own wallets and apply cross-loyalty programs.

The platform also offers a “payment gateway,” and a web-based and mobile compatible interface, provides a “3D Secure Support and Rule Management” and detailed, effective, parametric reports based on the registered cardholders and/or merchants, supports a prepaid card management system, and enables the entire electronic payment system.

About Cardtek USA

Cardtek USA was founded in 2010 in the United States to serve the group’s global expansion strategies. Cardtek USA provides easily adaptable, effective mobile and digital payment systems and integrated solutions to lead North America’s migration to EMV chip technology.

Cardtek USA’s parent company, SmartSoft, was founded in 2001. After continuous success, SmartSoft was accredited by MasterCard in 2010, making the company one of the first accredited consultancies and training providers for EMV card technologies. In order to offer higher quality products, Cardtek Group founded CordisNetwork and CredoWork in 2009, offering solutions for payment systems, loyalty cards and city banking solutions, processing services, projects for public sector as well as hardware solutions. For more information about Cardtek USA and Cardtek Group, visit, or learn more on Facebook at and Twitter @CardtekGroup.

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