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From Our Community: Consider Mobile Strategy, Mobile Ads

mobile strategy

Technology has brought about so many new opportunities for improving business operations and promotions. Mobile is a huge area of technological change in recent years. But with so many new tools and so much advice on how to use them, how do you know what will be the most effective for your business? Read what members of our community have to say about the tools and strategies out there in this week’s Community News and Information Roundup.

Retarget Your Mobile Strategy

(Mobile Fomo)

If your company has a mobile app, you need to find a way to engage customers. This means finding a retargeting strategy to focus on new customers or re-engage existing ones. A post from Ben Roodman goes over some of the best retargeting strategies for mobile brands.

Consider the Increasing Importance of Mobile Advertising

(Marketing Land)

The mobile advertising industry continues to grow rapidly. A new report suggests that mobile ad revenue nearly doubled from 2012 to 2013. This post from Martin Beck offers more details about what kinds of mobile ads are experiencing the most growth.

Learn About Hiring In the Social Media World


Companies are continually placing more focus on social technology, and for good reason. But in order to make the most of these new tools, you need employees who understand and actually enjoy using them. Anita Campbell shares some tips for finding social media savvy employees.

Take Your Blog to the Next Level

(Keep Up With the Web)

Blogging can be a great tool. But if you only create content, you may not be getting the most possible value for your brand. In this post, Sherryl Perry shares some tools bloggers can use to take their brand to the next level. The BizSugar community also shares some additional thoughts and insights for bloggers looking to grow their online presence.

Use Caution With Auto-Responders

(SEO Savvy)

Automated social media tools can make life easier for business owners and social media managers. But they can also make your social media presence seem spammy and impersonal. Rebecca Bleznak provides some cautionary tales about social media auto-responder slip-ups.

Test Your Landing Page


Do you ever wonder why your company’s landing page isn’t getting you as many leads as you thought it would? Have you ever tried testing out different messages, designs and other aspects of the page? Avi Kaye explains why you should in this article about successful landing pages. And some BizSugar members discuss landing pages further in the community comment section.

Keep An Eye on Mobile Selling Trends


Ecommerce continues to grow and not just in the area of retail. According to data shared by Ron Mouw, vice president of business development at Configure One, until recently 90 percent of the sales in this field were B2B. But the future of online selling isn’t so much about what is being sold. It’s about how. Mobile sales will continue to grow and you must be ahead of this trend.

Should You Consider an Unlocked Phone?

As we reported earlier this week, a new U.S law requires phone carriers to give consumers the option to unlock their phones once their contracts have expired. Now blogger Drew Hendricks looks at whether you will be better off ultimately with an unlocked device. Remember to consider how these factors would effect you if you were using an unlocked phone for your business too.

Find the Right Feedback Platform

(Survive to Thrive)

If you run a blog for your business, feedback is important. Your blogging platform probably has built in comments. But some might feel something a bit more geared to social integration is helpful. Here Lisa Buben of Survive to thrive discusses CommentLuv and Disqus, two commenting platforms that offer some options when added to your platform. Buben discusses the platforms further in the comment section of BizSugar.

Attract More Customers to Your Online Business


Every small business utilizes different methods for attracting new customers. And talking to other business owners can be a great way to learn new strategies. This post highlights different tips provided by members of the Young Entrepreneur Council for a growing an online business over the summer.

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