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franchises in security

Like most people, when you think of franchises, you probably think of fast food franchises or retail franchises. But, there’s so much more to franchising. One sector worth mentioning is the security sector. There are franchises in security with opportunities in residential and business security, as well as in IT security.

According to ASIS International, an organization for security professionals, the security industry is a $350 Billion market. That’s the reason it’s worthy of discussion.

Franchises In Security

If you’re thinking about buying one of the franchises in security, you need to determine what type of security you want to provide. There are two types: Physical and Internet/computer security.

Physical Security

Physical security is the type of security that provides protection to homes, businesses, and people. This is the most visible type of security service. There are several different security franchises that offer physical protection. These include:

1) Signal 88 Security

This security franchise, with over 100 franchises in 34 states, was founded by several law enforcement professionals in 2003. The name, Signal 88 comes from the police code used in Nebraska where this franchise was started. It means “situation secure.”

According to information from their franchise website, “Signal 88 is equipped to handle any size property, event or business with a customized security solution.”

Prospective franchise owners don’t need to have a law enforcement or security background, and the total investment ranges from $85,000 – $105,000.  One nice thing about this franchise is that they perform 100% of the accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll processing functions (you are charged for this). You, the franchisee, can then concentrate on business development and operations.

2) SHIELD Security Systems

Police officer and investigator Ken Jezioro, founded SHIELD Security Systems after his home was burglarized in 1976. Revenues come from three areas in this security franchise. They are: Security system sales, service and monthly monitoring fees.

SHIELD Security Systems offers flexibility for franchisees as the business can be run from a leased office or a home office. New franchisees participate in a six week home-based Jump Start Training Program. It starts about eight weeks before opening. They also attend a six day in-house training program at franchise headquarters.

Franchise support includes security system design and layout, marketing support, along with ongoing training and business operations support. The total investment ranges from $74,275 – $125,550, with a liquid cash minimum of $75,000.

3) AmeriCop

This security offers a way to enter the security field without actually being in the security field…physically.

AmeriCop provides one-stop shopping for companies that need security personnel, specifically off-duty police officers, to work specific security assignments throughout the United States. As a franchisee, your job is placement.

You would be providing staffing solutions for a very specific niche. Your clients will include indoor or outdoor shopping malls, special events, sporting events, hospitals, banks and more. You’re helping companies find highly trained personnel while, at the same time, you’re finding work for police officers who are looking to increase their income.

The total investment for one territory ranges from $49,000 – $63,750.

Internet And Computer Security

Today’s small businesses are using technology more than ever. Some of it is very sophisticated. Not only does small business technology need to be maintained and upgraded when needed, it needs to be secure. That’s where the following franchise concepts come in.

1) TeamLogic IT

According to the team at TeamLogic IT, “Most small businesses out there maintain a database containing some information, and almost all of them are sitting ducks for computer criminals.”

TeamLogic IT franchisees have the ability to offer managed IT services, which provides things like security, maintenance, system monitoring, data backup and even disaster backup solutions.

In addition to their Internet security related offerings, TeamLogic IT franchisees can sell hardware, software, and entire computer systems to their clients. The total investment ranges from $83,900 for someone who already has an IT business and wants to convert it to a franchise business, to $137,800 for a startup franchise.

2) Securis

As a franchisee of Securis, a highly specialized franchise concept, you have the ability to tackle three distinct markets: Business, Government and Consumer.

Millions of laptops, entire hard drives, servers, and copiers are discarded by corporations, government institutions and consumers every year. Securis franchisees specialize in securely getting rid of the data contained in those devices. As a matter of fact, Securis (originally called PC Recycler) pioneered the business of electronics recycling and data destruction over a decade ago.

Because of the nature of the business, one that potentially deals with U.S. government data, Securis franchisees and their employees will have to undergo extensive background checks, sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, and participate in ongoing training on security procedures.

Securis has a contract with the Federal Government under General Services Administration (GSA) for on-site and off-site data destruction and has GSA approval. They’re also certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport critical military data.

You’ll need a minimum net worth of $500,000 along with $150,000 of liquid assets to qualify for this opportunity.

3) Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters, according to their website, is the world’s largest technology service.

Franchisees of Computer Troubleshooters serve both the growing residential market and the small business market. Technicians are trained to remove viruses, speed up slow computers, and make sure everything they service has all essential security software installed.

Franchisee training consists of a two day on-site experience followed by an 8 week coaching program to help you succeed as a new business owner.

Computer Troubleshooters franchisees have access to other franchisees in the system via online forums, shared support tools, email lists, regional meetings and conference calls.

The total investment ranges from $17,200 – $82,900.

Small business owners and homeowners have one thing in common – they both want to feel secure. The franchise opportunities listed above provide the products and services that can make that happen.

Could one of these franchises in security be for you?

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that the security industry was a $350 billion / year industry. That’s an astonishing number! I’ve got my roots elsewhere, but I can definitely see how investing in a security franchise could definitely be worthwhile. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I’m currently the Director of Operations For Signal 88 Security in Tulsa OK and the franchise concept is great. Its gives the best of both worlds you get local owner ship that is invested in the community and you get the resources of a national company.

  4. am interested in franchises i have background of police law enforcement and i dreanm that one i run my own security company the best in my country hope you will assist me and mentoring me thanks

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