Happy & Healthy Employees

happy healthy employees

Creating a worksite wellness program is a great step toward encouraging healthy habits with employees. The benefits don’t stop there though: Studies reveal correlations between worksite wellness programs and performance!

But, what’s the best part about wellness?

It can be scaled: From gym memberships to health-oriented email tips to on-site fitness facilities and personal health coaching, programs can be successful with any level of resources.

Some businesses claim cost is the only barrier to creating a wellness program, but others tout reduction in health costs as a top reason to create and sustain a successful program.

Need Help Getting Started?

Think about company culture and consider what your focus should be.

Quick ideas to get you started:

  • Tobacco-free incentives.
  • Cancer prevention screenings and education.
  • Health plans with incentives for regular wellness visits.
  • Free or low-cost healthy vending-machine and cafeteria choices.
  • Business or departmental health challenge with enticing incentives, such as vacation getaways, additional paid leave or free groceries.
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  1. I like the fourth idea. It’s easy to grab a chocolate or packet of crisps from a vending machine (well, let me just speak for myself!), particularly when tired and/or stressed out. Having healthy alternatives would be great. Not to say there shouldn’t be any chocolate, sometimes only chocolate will do(!), but maybe a vending machine could offer a healthier version of chocolate, vegetable crisps, or sweet potato chips for instance.

    • ebele, if the vending machines are on private property such as at an employer’s location, then the employer has a say in what is sold in the machines. Many times I have surveyed employees on what they wanted, and then asked vending companies that serviced (and profited from) our vending areas to add specific healthier foods and beverages. If the host organization doesn’t give guidelines, then the vending company will decide what to sell.

  2. I don’t care so much about gym memberships as long as I have a 13th month pay and some extra pay per month.

  3. Well there can be much more ways to make the employees stay happy & healthy in their role assigned, but monetary gain is something which employee wants to experience. So that they can give all attention & hard work.

  4. Employers benefit in many ways when workers are healthier – lower healthcare costs, lower absenteeism, greater attention to detail, less mistakes and accidents, better quality control, etc.

    Here’s another idea that is “food for thought” – suggest to your employer that they offer food education in the form of on-site or off-site culinary events where people can have fun together learning to eat better. My business does that, including creating custom culinary travel experiences offered through existing incentive reward and recognition travel programs, where everybody benefits. It’s a unique twist on the article’s last bulleted suggestion.