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Want to Learn How to Use Google Plus for Business? Of Course You Do!

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If you are going to rate the impact of social networks on search engine ranking, you’ll find that one social channel will always come out on top. That channel is Google Plus.

Sure, Google Plus may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter. But don’t let that fact discourage you from using Google Plus in your business. After all, you just can’t ignore a social network that was created by Google.

As a result, more and more business are trying to figure out how best to leverage Google Plus in their networking, branding a marketing. Here are a number of Small Business Trends articles you can use to learn more.

Resources on How to Use Google Plus

5 Reasons You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Google Plus [1]

Your friends may not be connected to Google Plus but future customers could be. Outside of contacts, Google Plus is one solid addition to your SEO strategy and can help you get your business noticed above the rest. This article about reasons you cannot ignore Google Plus [1] also discusses the benefits of Google Authorship.

How to Create a Google Plus Page for Your Small Business [2]

Creating a page for your small business on Google Plus is just about as easy as it is on any other social network. This Google Plus Page guide [2] will help you through the initial steps of the process. In no time, you’ll be up and running and looking for Circles to join.

10 Google Plus Plugins for WordPress [3]

Whether you’re just getting started with a Google Plus Business Page or already have one, you may want to connect that page and its activity to your WordPress site too. These Google Plus plugins [3] allow you to automatically post your Google Plus updates right to your website.

5 Secrets of a Google Plus Marketing Ninja [4]

Google Plus has a lot of features that help you broadcast your updates to the right people. These tactics also help increase engagement on your posts as well as keep your older posts organized. Here are the secrets of a Google Plus marketing ninja [4].

4 Steps To Improve Your Google Plus Profile for Business [5]

Your Google Plus page should be a reflection of you and your business. These four very simple steps to improve your Google Plus profile [5] and spruce up your page, giving it a professional look and feel, will definitely get you started.

3 Steps To Franchise Success in Google Plus Local [6]

Google Plus Local is a great resource for getting your local franchise business noticed on the Web. This comprehensive Google Plus Local franchise guide [6] covers what any local franchise owner must do to verify their listings on Google Plus. The guide also offers tips for quality updates to your page.

Google Local Plus “101″ Primer With Local Search Expert Mike Blumenthal [7]

Want to learn Google Local Plus inside and out? Then you should learn from none other than well-known local search expert Mike Blumenthal. Here is his Google Local Plus “101” primer guide [7].

5 Reasons Google Plus Is Worth It For SMBs [8]

Google Hangouts is one more reason why Google Plus should be a go-to social network for small businesses. This listing explains why Hangouts and other features make Google Plus an ideal option [8] for your small business.

How To Merge Your Google Plus Local and Business Pages [9]

If you’re more familiar with Google Plus and have been using it for your business, did you know you can link activity on your Local and Business pages? This guide to merge your Google Plus Local and Business Pages [9] will certainly help cut down on the time you’ll have to spend in the future constantly updating both pages.

How to Use Google Plus Hangouts For Business [10]

As we said earlier, Google Plus Hangouts is an excellent business tool. It lets you hold conference calls and talk with your Google Plus Circles without the hassle of looking for an external chat messenger. The more this tool is used, the more people are learning the benefits of it. Here are a few ways Google Plus Hangouts can benefit your small business [10].

Use this social media calendar template [11] to create a social media publishing schedule!

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