Holy Moley! Largest iPad Ever Coming From Apple

largest ipad

The largest iPad ever is coming soon.

A new report indicates that Apple is close to giving the go-ahead to start production on an iPad device with a 12.9-inch screen (diagonally). Unnamed sources say suppliers have been told that production on this device would begin at the beginning of next year. Apple hasn’t confirmed any of these plans just yet.

There could be an entire range of larger mobile devices from Apple, if these rumors are confirmed.

The timing of this decision is interesting. It’s been noted that Apple’s iPad sales are sluggish. And part of the problem has been a stale product line. It’s been two years since the last full-sized iPad was released.

Apple is also planning to have a new full-size, 9.7-inch iPad out to consumers by the holiday shopping season. The company is also set to release a new version of the smaller, 7.9-inch iPad mini in time for holiday shopping.

New research shows iOS’ market share among tablet and mobile devices took a sharp downturn last year Bloomberg reports. In the year before that, 53 percent of mobile devices were running on Apple’s operating system, iOS. Last year, Apple only enjoyed a 36 percent market share on mobile device usage. By comparison, sixty-two percent of mobile devices were running Android operating systems last year.

Apple is also expected to unveil new larger screen iPhone’s early next month. The new phones are expected to feature 4.5- and 5.5-inch screens and will likely be unveiled at an event on Sept. 9.

The decision to release a larger iPad bucks current consumer trends, though. The more popular tablets are getting smaller while smartphones displays are getting larger.

Part of Apple’s mobile device turnaround plan includes attracting more businesses and other institutions to buy iPads. The desire to create a larger iPad is partially being fueled by Apple’s interest in having its tablets replace laptops for use in businesses.

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  1. So now it gets larger huh? First, it gets thinner, then it gets larger. Then it gets smaller all over again.

  2. I find it interesting that despite Apple’s perception as a trend-setter, this seems like a response to Microsoft’s Surface 3, which has a 12″ display and is already on the market. Just goes to show how different Apple is without Steve Jobs around.

  3. If consumers are going for smaller screen sizes, and Apple’s looking to target more businesses, I hope it’s worth it, because businesses are made up of consumers, some of whom might be the very same consumers that are going for smaller screens and are in decision-making positions within a company/business.

  4. Less innovation and more following from apple?