From Our Community: Lessons from Facebook Messenger, Ice Bucket Challenge

From Our Community: Lessons from Facebook Messenger, Ice Bucket Challenge

Recently, social media has been abuzz with things like the Ice Bucket Challenge and the controversy surrounding Facebook Messenger. While these things don’t specifically have to do with small businesses, there are lessons businesses can take from them. These and other lessons are included in this week’s Community News and Information Roundup.

Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge

(Kimberly Crossland)

The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the social media world by storm while raising money for ALS. But the success of this challenge could potentially provide some valuable lessons for businesses using viral marketing, as some members of the BizSugar community discussed. Here, Kimberly Crossland shared her own experience with the Ice Bucket Challenge and what businesses can learn from it.

What Businesses Can Learn from the Facebook Messenger App Controversy

(Horizon Business Funding)

Facebook’s Messenger app has been embroiled in some controversy recently because of the permissions that some say could impact users’ privacy. Andrew Greissman shared some things businesses can learn from this situation when developing their own apps or even using apps for business purposes. And the BizSugar community discussed it further here.

Use Trending Topics in Your Content Marketing


Trending topics include current events and other topics that people are talking about right now. For businesses, these topics can provide inspiration for content marketing efforts. Anita Campbell shared some tips for finding trending topics and using them as part of a content marketing strategy.

Find Your Marketing Message

(Gritty Writer)

Effective marketing requires a clear message. And according to Jamillah Warner, there’s one very necessary step that a lot of marketers try to skip. In this post, she outlines the path to creating a clear marketing message.

Achieve Kickstarter Success

(Killer Startups)

Crowdfunding can be an incredibly useful tool for certain startups. But success isn’t guaranteed. In this post, Keith Liles shares one of the keys to Kickstarter success. And he even profiles a business that has found success using this method.

Write an Effective Twitter Bio

(No Passive Income)

Twitter bios only contain 160 characters, but there’s a way to fit a lot of useful information in that short space. In this post, Erik Emanuelli shares 7 essential ingredients to use in a great Twitter bio. The BizSugar community also discussed Twitter bios here.

Maximize Social Media Engagement

(Code Improv)

With so many different social media tools to choose from, how do you know what ones will truly help your business the most? In this post, Brant Bell shares three of the tools that can help your business maximize social media engagement.

Build Consumer Trust

(Content Marketing Insider)

Building consumer trust is the key to getting repeat business. So just how do you build this trust? Lucy Holloway outlines the four components necessary to develop trust with customers in this post.

Small Businesses Must Track Their Dollars

(Small Biz Survival)

Bookkeeping isn’t the most enjoyable part of running a business, but it is necessary. Glenn Muske points out some of the reasons financial record-keeping is so important and how to make it easier for your business.

Get More Interaction on Google+

(Digital Information World)

It can be tough to get as much interaction as you’d like on Google+, as some members of the BizSugar community discuss here. Meanwhile, Irfan Ahmad shares what types of posts get the most engagement on Google+ and how you can make that information work for your online presence.

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  1. Interested in reading the first article as the Ice Bucket Challenge has been so popular, attracting its own blessings, lessons and drama. Would like to read Kimberly’s viewpoint.

    Also interested in reading the Kickstarter article.

  2. It’s a classic example of a gimmick that went viral. It is cool since so many celebrities jumped into the bandwagon. And it spread like wildfire all over the world after that.

    • I do think it’s a great way to study human behaviour. Also, I wonder if some people actually knew the challenge was connected to a charity. Some seemed to just be doing the challenge for its own sake.