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Quitting Your Day Job to Start a Business? Take This Test First

quitting your day job to start a business

Unlike popular business myths, not everyone should start their own company. In fact, it is not the path to happiness and wealth for most people.

Every month, over a half million people will quit their day jobs to start a company. Many people have that big dream of betting it all to take a huge risk. Others have a business on the side or as Pamela Slim says, a “side hustle” going while they work a full time job.

Unfortunately, most of these people that make the jump to quit their day job are making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. Please take the test below before quitting your day job.

Take the Test

Answer “yes” or “no” to each question below:

Scoring the Test

1) Give one point for every “yes” answer.

2) Zero points for every “no” answer.


Unless you scored 7 or more points – don’t quit your day job yet. (There are still too many risk factors for there to be high odds of success.)

If I could be happy working for another person I would. If you are like me and can’t – pass this test and welcome to world of entrepreneurship.

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