25 Actionable Items for Successful Video Marketing

successful video marketing

Successful video marketing may seem overwhelming. Especially if you have the thought in your head that you have to hire a full video crew and have all the expensive equipment to go with it in order to produce videos.

The good news is that there are several affordably priced HD camcorders on the market, and your phone may even be able to shoot HD as well.

Combine that with affordable or free video editing tools, and you have what it takes to start promoting your business and its products or services on YouTube, Vimeo, and beyond. Below are actionable tips you can start implementing right away to get you started.

How to Perform Successful Video Marketing

Cross Post

Cross post on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Google+. Google+ and YouTube are connected, but be sure to promote that you have a new video on all social networks as soon as it’s out.

Share Snippets

Share snippets of video on Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, as you are recording your full-length video as teasers.

Embed Your Videos Into Blog Posts

Embed videos into blog posts with a quick explanation for more visibility and extra content (which can help drive more traffic to your website and blog).

Create Product Videos

Create product videos for products to show how big an item is compared to a person (this is especially good for clothing or accessories), or how easy it is to use.

Videotape Company Events

Take videos of company events with employees to increase familiarity and the feeling that users know you personally.

Create a Series of Videos

Let one person or team from each department in your company have a “Day in the Life” video that explains what they do all day. Splice different segments together from throughout the day.

Create Video Testimonials

Shoot video testimonials instead of having clients or customers write them down. It personalizes the testimonial and makes it more authentic.

Provide Incentives

Give incentives (products, gift cards, drawings) for user-generated videos that promote your products or services. Share these videos on your video channels.

Host a Contest

Hold a contest to create an infomercial for your company, product, or services for employees and/or your customers. Make it fun and promote cheesiness!

Use Google Adsense

Look into Google AdSense for your YouTube videos to make a little more income for your efforts.

Provide Employees With Cameras

Give employees GoPro cameras to record company events or their experiences during their work day.

Invest in an HD Camera

If you need a high quality camera anyway, consider buying one that shoots HD video as well. Superzoom cameras are in between point-and-shoots and DSLRs and are an affordable option.

Invest in Simple Accessories

Buy a portable tabletop tripod for interviews and testimonials. There’s several affordable options on Amazon or eBay that can fit in your camera bag.

Record Interviews

Conduct interviews with people from your industry at conferences and networking events. Have an interviewer with a wireless mic and someone to hold the camera (or a full-length tripod).

Display Product Durability

Make videos that show your product’s durability. “Will it Blend” from Blendtec and Otterbox’s community-generated YouTube videos are good examples:

Create Explainer Videos

If you specialize in accessories or complements to a main product (like iPad cases), buy the latest main product and do an explainer video about it with your review.

Poll People

Poll Twitter, Facebook, and your website for questions from your audience and create an Ask the Expert video series with their answers.

Create Video Podcasts

Create a podcast with audio and video versions so users can view or listen, however they’d prefer.

Create Playlists

Create Playlists on YouTube of related videos or series so they are easier to find.

Optimize Your Videos

Be sure to implement correct video SEO for your videos’ titles, descriptions, categories, and keywords. Be sure to always include a link to your home page or the most accurate interior page, as well as your phone number, in the description.

Answer Customer Questions in Video

If your customer service or support team keeps getting the same questions repeatedly, answer each one in a separate video, making the title the optimized version of the question they get asked.

Create Video Roundups

Include of roundup of that month’s new videos in a monthly newsletter or email blast, or as an addition to your existing scheduled emails.

Use Freelance Services

Use Fiverr or another freelance service to get a custom intro for all your videos to make them more professional.

Use Video Editing Software

Utilize free or affordable video editing software (such as Windows Movie Maker) and scale up according to your needs.

Record in Front of a Backdrop

Use a white sheet and PVC pipe to make an easy backdrop if you don’t have a blank wall to shoot your videos in front of.

In addition, before actually shooting your videos, it might help to do some reading on basic video principles and how to use your current technology to the best of your abilities. Things such as interviewers should always look at the camera occasionally when interviewing, and you should never shoot in front of a window where sunlight is coming it to reduce glare.

It’s easier than ever before to start creating video content for your business. And this can lead to more visibility, credibility, and easy-to-digest information for your audience.

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