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How To Use Social Media To Make An Impact At Your Next Trade Show

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Many small business owners have started to strongly incorporate social media into their marketing plans for their trade show events. Social media can be a powerful way to break through the overwhelming distractions in a convention hall and drive traffic to their booth. So what are some social media methods to make an impact at your next trade show?


Twitter’s influence continues to grow as does the number of trade show events and attendees using Twitter. If your target customers are the least bit tech oriented, smart phone carriers, then Twitter should be part of your social media marketing strategy for your next trade show.

How To Use Twitter At A Trade Show:


Over a billion people use Facebook around the world. Millions of Facebook users log-in daily via their smart phones to stay in touch with family and friends. Increasingly, they are following their favorite brands and companies on Facebook.

If your business is one of those Facebook pages being followed, not only will you have that person’s attention when your post comes through their Facebook timeline regarding your trade show, but you could get their friend’s attention should that “fan” of your page like or add a comment to one of your Facebook posts.

How To Use Facebook At A Trade Show:


LinkedIn is a powerful social network with over 100 million users in the United States. LinkedIn has a fantastic “groups” option, so getting everyone into a particular trade show event is easy. Hopefully your upcoming trade show event manager has created one for their trade show. And that’s just one of the LinkedIn tools that can be used for a trade show.

How To Use LinkedIn At Trade Shows:


Google Plus has the distinct advantage over other social media networks simply by being Google. Drive traffic and interest to your trade show booth and consider after-show bonus content. It will be indexed into Google’s search results.

How To Use Google Plus At A Trade Show:


YouTube is owned by Google and provides a powerful visual opportunity to build trust, buzz and connect with people interested in your products or business.

How To Use YouTube At A Trade Show:

Whether your company is tweeting, engaging on Facebook, posting videos to YouTube or using LinkedIn to connect with and develop stronger relationships with your prospects or clients, social media is an incredible asset to leverage and expand your trade show marketing to:

If you’re not using social media marketing for your trade show, you’re missing out on customers and losing them to your competition.

If you are using social, what other social media marketing ideas have you or your company used that have generated great results in driving traffic to your trade show exhibit?

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