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Move Over Grumpy Cat – Chica the Spider Dog Goes Viral

spider dog

For years, cats have ruled the land of online memes. But lately it seems like online viral video has been going to the dogs…literally. Especially, if the dog in question happens to be wearing a giant spider costume. We’ll explain.

When unsuspecting passersby first laid eyes on this latest viral sensation [1], they thought they were encountering a large, terrifying spider. But it was really just a dog named Chica, dressed in a somewhat ridiculous spider costume. Here’s the full YouTube video:

The unsuspecting victims of the video prank flee from the small dog in terror. Some react with loud screams. One even tried to crawl his way through a fake spider web to escape.

Given the dark and deserted setting where the video was shot, along with the other props used in the video, you can’t really blame them for having such reactions. At a glance in the dark, the dog really does look like a gigantic arachnid.

spider dog

But now, a dog dressed as a spider probably won’t be able to get that same reaction from many people since the video has over 86 million views on YouTube. Chica has certainly made a name, and that name is Spider Dog.

Actor, director and famed YouTube prankster SA Wardega is responsible for creating the now viral video debut of Spider Dog. The Polish entertainer has more than 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel [2], where he showcases a variety of different pranks. And he has followings on other social sites as well.

But it wasn’t his existing fanbase alone that made Spider Dog take off. The mix of a funny prank and a cute face to attached to it (once you’re able to look past the scary spider costume) just screams viral success.

spider dog

Now, Chica has plenty of fans too. The dog’s Facebook page [3] has gained more than 100,000 likes in just a couple of weeks. And people are even lining up to buy spider costumes for their own dogs.

So while the Internet was once populated mostly with cute, if sometimes a little grumpy felines [4], those days may be over. Now it’s time for a dog in a spider costume to be leader of the viral video pack.

Images: ChicatheDogSpider [3], Video Stills