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How to Get Your Products Discovered with Videos

Get Your Products Discovered

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a video worth a million? With the passage of time, it seems that online video is growing at an incredible rate. More and more people prefer to watch online videos than ever before. But the million dollar question is – with the growing popularity of video, does it really have any value for online business?

Recent surveys show that online videos have immense value on eCommerce sites, with 73 percent of customers more likely to purchase a product after viewing a product video. Product videos have been shown to significantly:

Well-implemented product videos can actually boost sales [1] and can aid success. Let’s explore ways to implement well-crafted product videos on your eCommerce site.

Your Category Pages Definitely Need Product Videos

As no one would light a candle to hide it under a basket, likewise, there is no point placing a product video on product pages only. The best way to make it reach its target audience is to include it on product category pages and site search result pages in order to promote them.

Showcasing Your Products-in-Action

Videos are meant to demonstrate how a product works, interacts, behaves and fits into customer’s needs. In that case, your fashion site can showcase a model walking, posing and giving viewers an idea of how items actually moves and look from different angles.

Such gestures help to demonstrate your product in a way that appeals to the target audiences. Always remember that customers love variations and easily get influenced if given countless options.

Quality of the Video and Production Does Matter

When it comes to business, you probably do not want to shoot these videos with your phone. A good production team is much better for quality videos. Business demands professional-looking videos that actually make the video appealing.

Not only this, videos should perfectly integrate the product details to make it easier for consumers to understand the products before they decide to purchase them.

Instructional Videos

Ecommerce videos give you a chance to produce a number of video tutorials that eschew the normal sales pattern in order to educate customers on various aspects of your products. Customers having watched the tutorials gets to know the details of the products and get their doubts clarified.

Videos are designed to answer questions. Moreover, videos should also split into various segments, so that customers can skip to the relevant section. Video content helps to differentiate your products from the competition and builds a strong brand identity.

Make use of Video Tools and Apps

The Impact of Product Videos on SEO

Product videos have a positive effect on SEO, making product pages with video rank higher than those without videos. Check out how videos impact the search results:

The following factors determine where your product video will rank in search results:

Here’s what statistics have to say regarding online video growth:

Remember – only video can answer questions about how products look and work in use.

Video [7] Photo via Shutterstock