Green Packaging Solutions: Pizza Box With Built-In Paper Plates


If you like pizza, there’s not much about the pizza eating experience that needs to be improved. But if you are committed to recycling and sustainability, there is at least one area that you might say could use some work – pizza boxes.

Pizza boxes are cumbersome and require a lot of finagling to fit into refrigerators and standard trashcans. Plus, they’re not the most eco-friendly packaging options.

And that’s where the world of green packaging solutions comes into play.  There’s a new option out there for environmentally conscious pizza parlor owners and pizza lovers.

GreenBox is an innovative new type of pizza box that does more than just store a pizza. From the outside, it looks like a pretty normal pizza box. But the top of the box is actually perforated so users can tear out four serving plates. That eliminates the need for paper plates, which means less waste. In addition, the box is made from 100 percent recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard.

And if you still have some leftovers, the bottom half of the box has the ability to fold in half and store the remaining pizza slices in a more compact format.

GreenBox President Jennifer Wright told the Huffington Post that the company originally envisioned the concept for things like birthday parties and picnics. But they soon learned that GreenBox also appeals to people throwing office parties or those who like to enjoy some pizza at their desk while working late. That’s likely because traditional pizza boxes are even less likely to fit in shared office refrigerators than they are in home refrigerators. And who wants to cart a whole pizza box home after a long day?

Currently, the boxes are sold to several pizza box distributors throughout the country including Performance Food Group and U.S. Foods. Some well-known brands like Whole Foods carry the boxes in stores.

So GreenBox solves several problems for pizza eaters in an innovative way. Easy to fold boxes make leftovers easier to store and the boxes easier to dispose of conveniently. A perforated lid means no real need for paper plates, hence less paper and cardboard waste overall.

And the fully recyclable boxes mean what does get thrown is ultimately less harmful to the environment.  So for restaurant owners concerned with providing green packaging solutions, the Green Box  helps meet the commitment toward providing a recyclable box.

Not many pizza outlets have begun using this type of box yet. But for those businesses and consumers to whom environmental concerns are an everyday commitment, GreenBox can help with a green packaging solution.  And it may just provide a competitive edge with its innovative approach.  In a market where it can be hard to distinguish between one pizza restaurant versus another, an innovative box gives consumers a reason to choose, while helping the environmentally conscious feel better about their choice.


Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. And to think that I’ve just been tearing the top off and using it for a plate all these years. Great idea!

  2. I think that this is somehow ironic because pizza is somehow toxic. Sure, the box is good for the environment but the food is not that good for the body.

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