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Are you looking for the best social platform for getting new business connections and referrals? If so, you should be on LinkedIn — a social platform for professionals. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which focus more on communication and updates, LinkedIn is a social platform that focuses on profiles, groups and connections.

To help you improve your LinkedIn networking, we have decided to give you a list of our best articles on LinkedIn for B2B business. The goal of this resource is not only to encourage you to use this social platform for your business, it is also to teach you more about LinkedIn and how the platform can help you  reach your business objectives.

Using LinkedIn for B2B

6 Ways SMBs Can Benefit From LinkedIn

Have you balked at opening a LinkedIn account for yourself and your business? This list will get you off the fence and give you six ways LinkedIn can benefit your business. The list covers everything from keeping an eye on your competitors to finding quality help to expand your business.

35 LinkedIn Tools for Business, Plus a Few Extras

If you’ve got an active account and want to reach more people, these LinkedIn tools and plugins give you myriad options.

The list for LinkedIn B2B features badges and plugins to share and embed on your company’s website or in your emails. There are also tools listed that allow you to collect updates from LinkedIn and other social networks in a single mobile app.

The 5 Essential Elements of an Optimized and Useful LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as an online resume. A lot of potential business partners and clients will check out your profile when they’re making a decision on who they want to do business with.

This list identifies the most important information on your profile. You can use this LinkedIn Profile guide to complete all portions of your LinkedIn profile. It explains the importance of a professional photo, shows you what keywords to include and where and more.

Five Steps That Lead to LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the right social media site for generating B2B leads. But it’s not automatic that having an account will result in more business. This list gives you the tips to successfully generate leads via LinkedIn.

13 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

As we mentioned above, one of the best ways to use LinkedIn is for lead generation. The leads you generate could very well become future sales and long-standing customers.

This list on LinkedIn B2B gives you 13 practices that will have you generating more leads through LinkedIn. They include getting involved in conversations, authoring posts on the site, and connecting LinkedIn with other social media sites.

10 LinkedIn WordPress Plugins to Consider

If you’re using WordPress as the platform for your business website, there are numerous tools to connect it with your LinkedIn profile. Here are 10 easy-to-integrate LinkedIn plugins for WordPress. Included in the list are means to embed LinkedIn profile badges as well as to automatically publish new posts from your website to your profile.

6 Ways To Create Opportunities on LinkedIn

An effective way of expanding the reach of your LinkedIn profile and, essentially, of your business, is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. This list gives you a half-dozen ways in which you, via LinkedIn, can share your expertise with the rest of the business world.

20 Important LinkedIn Groups for Business

Do you want to instantly participate in a larger business community through LinkedIn? You can do that by joining these 20 LinkedIn business groups. They can garner your business instant connections and make you and your brand an active part of a much larger business network opening up additional opportunities beyond your existing connections.

3 Lead Generating LinkedIn Features On Which to Capitalize

Here’s another LinkedIn for B2B article on using your LinkedIn presence wisely. Included on the list of three lead generating LinkedIn features to focus on are your profile, LinkedIn Groups, and LinkedIn’s well-known status updates. Properly managed, all three can generate leads for your business.

4 Powerful LinkedIn Tips To Generate Sales

Generating leads and promoting awareness of yourself and your business are two key benefits of maintaining a LinkedIn profile.

But sales, too, can be made through your LinkedIn activity. Staying active on the site is important. This list discusses more tips for converting your work on LinkedIn into sales for your business.

Use this social media calendar template to create a social media publishing schedule!

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