Instagram Hyperlapse Allows You to Create Time Lapse Videos

instagram hyperlapse

Recently, Instagram announced on its blog the release of its new app “Hyperlapse,” a fun way to film and create your own high-quality time lapse videos.

Time lapse videos are sped up videos to show longer footage in a shorter period of time. For example, you can record an entire sunrise and use time lapse to show all your footage in seconds.

Typically, time lapse videos need to be recorded by a still camera, but what’s unique about this Instagram Hyperlapse app is that you can capture footage for time lapse even while in motion. According to Instagram, Hyperlapse has built-in stabilization to create video with high-quality, cinematic footage.

With Instagram Hyperlapse, you can shoot a video for up to 10 minutes with an iPhone 4 or 45 minutes with an iPhone 5. The app opens straight to the camera, where you then tap once to begin recording and a second time to stop recording. You can choose a playback speed between 1x – 12x and tap the green check mark to save the footage to your camera roll.

From there, you can easily share the video onto Instagram. The video below shows how this works.

Image: Instagram

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  1. It’s about time. With videos being integrated in instagram, you really need video editing add-ons like these. It will make it easier to really share your life in real time.

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