More Than 15 Small Business Funding Resources for You

Most small business owners can identify with the challenges of getting financing for their business or funding for a new product. There’s no short, easy road to funding, most of the time, but these small business funding resources can help.


Kabbage has to be the most unique small business funding source found recently. They have created a powerful platform that, in my understanding, is creating a real-life look at how your business is doing to help you grow it.

They don’t only look at credit scores, as so many traditional lenders do. They look at things like your Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, or Intuit QuickBooks account to figure out if you qualify and how much of a credit line you can receive. It is impressive.

Kiva Zip

Another innovative program and approach is found with Kiva, the microfinance platform. Etsy wrote about it. There is official information about zero interest (0%) with the Kiva Zip program (in Alpha, not even in Beta), and success stories on the main page.

The Lending Club

The Lending Club is a name that many consumers and business owners have heard before, but it is a site worth checking. Their peer-to-peer approach has taken the banking world by storm and it looks likely to continue in the business loan sector.

SmartBiz SBA Loans

SmartBiz SBA Loans ($5,000 – $150,000) is a small business lender, but one that promises a much better process than traditional banks, on SBA type loans. If you’ve ever gone through the SBA formal process, you know that it is rather comprehensive.

Funding Circle

Funding Circle has a large UK presence as well as a US site. It is an online marketplace for small business loans. The site explains you can find out in approximately one week if you qualify for a loan.


Ami Kassar CEO of MultiFunding has a useful website on how the different funding options work and his consulting brokerage serves as a matchmaker for businesses that need more than just the “best rate” and need help with more complicated loan options.

OnDeck and BoeFly

Here are a couple of other small business loan providers that are promising an easier process, lower rates, and other options that might make their loans more appealing to you. OnDeck and BoeFly.

QuickBooks Financing

QuickBooks Financing has a site dedicated to helping you find the right financing. It is a matching engine that allows their selected lenders to provide you with the right loan. I’m presuming it also uses some of your QuickBooks data, but I’m not certain of that as I did not submit data on the form.

Wells Fargo and SBA Bank of America

There is no shortage of traditional lenders where you can walk into a branch and talk to someone about an SBA loan, so I would be remiss for not including at least a couple that I believe in. The Wells Fargo small business loan page offers a range of good information. And the SBA Loan page at Bank of America may help you sort different SBA options.


If you have ever considered factoring, where you get financing based on your receivables, then I recommend this guide from RTS Financial, Your Complete Guide To Factoring.

PayPal Working Capital

PayPal Working Capital lets you pay your loan back as you get paid. A factoring method, of sorts.

Chase Mission Main Street Grants

One of my favorite places to look for less traditional financing options is the Small Business Events here on Small Business Trends. I used it to help compile this list, so I know there are some great funding options, often awards or contests, worth considering.  This Chase Mission Main Street Grants is a terrific example. There is new information on the 2014 program.

Government Grants

You may need help to understand if a Government grant is worth pursuing. There are some large scale federal programs that pass funds through to universities and other nonprofit type institutions where you can sometimes find just the right help for your company.

City and State Level Resources

As I mentioned above, there are many city and state level resources, but too many to explain. If you search for your city or state combined with economic development, small business funding, and other related terms, you may find a niche program that serves your needs.

Here is a page from the Nevada Small Business Development Center where you’ll get an idea of what you find at the state level.  There are community-focused programs, as an example of a city program, for the Philadelphia area, Loan Programs – City of Philadelphia Business Services Center.  Scroll down through the long list to find the smaller loan amounts.

Opportunity Finance Network

Opportunity Finance Network (part of Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses initiative) is a big initiative sponsored by Goldman Sachs. The goal is to help educate business owners on a wide range of topics, to give you the best chance for success, in addition to access to capital. You must have an established business, with revenues.

There are plenty of sites that offer business loans – too many to try and list. There are resources at the State and City level, depending on where you live, that can help you financially. There are also lists of USA State websites that offer resources or details around funding and details available on what it takes to qualify for a small business loan as well as sources of start-up funding.

We welcome you to list resources in the comments. We want to see the path to funding get easier, more transparent, and understandable for small business as a whole and we hope these resources do that for you.

If you have discovered a great resource that can help a small business owner find financing or a grant, please share it below.

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TJ McCue

TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. These kind of companies (as Kabbage) are coming to Europe. Spotcap just launched in Spain!

  2. Great list! The small business funding sector has really been heating up in the last couple years.

    One that’s not on here that I highly recommend (full disclaimer I work with them) is Lendio. It’s basically a small business loan aggregator that matches small business owners with their ideal loan.

  3. Thanks for these. I’ve heard of Kiva in the past. Kiva Zip sounds like an interesting addition. I didn’t know PayPal had something re: Working Capital.

  4. Aira Bongco

    Finding some small business resources can be quite tough. The best I found so far is crowdsourcing. It is where a lot of small businesses have managed to live despite the depressing economy.

  5. How much do they charge as interest? Which of these above mentioned company charge minimum rate? How good are these companies for any new business?

    • TJ McCue

      Varies widely, Sanjib. We create the lists based on a bunch of different factors, so we try to provide resources that are reputable and easy for SMB owners to use. You’ll have to go look at each one and dig in to see if it works for you. Loans are never cheap, but they can mean the difference between growth and stagnation.

  6. Martin Lindeskog

    I didn’t know about PayPal Working Capital. How would you fit in crowdfunding as a business funding resource?

  7. Great list! A lot of small business owners get some money from friends and family, and my startup, TrustLeaf, helps them organize the funding and create legal documents for free. I hope this is helpful!

  8. LoanMart launched a small business loan product last year that helps fund businesses that are too new / too small for most players in the market.

  9. What about LQD Business Finance? From what I’ve found, they have the lowest rates and still make the process easy and quick by including a loan application directly on their website. In my comparisons, their rates are significantly lower than most of the lenders mentioned above.

  10. Thanks for sharing great list of small business funding resources. These have really been heating up in the last couple years. You can also add these two business funding providers Emerchant Advance – Discount Merchant Funding and BankCard Funding.

  11. What happens if they apply to all of these lenders but keep getting turned down, where will they get help if they apply to all but with no avail? Where can they go but only after so many inquiries. What if they worked with a broker would they have saved time and money?

  12. A great list, like many others I hadn’t appreciated the PayPal working capital product. The factoring section didn’t have a link to any resources as such – we have those at FundInvoice for the UK marketplace. Factoring can also fit into the broader range of services referred to as invoice finance, where the later allows the user to retain control of their sales ledger in addition to receiving the funding for their cash flow.

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