MagicFlex Provides a Free ToolBox Edition for HP Converged Infrastructure Administrators

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TEL AVIV, Israel, September 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

MagicFlex Analysis Software, provider of the foremost network analysis and troubleshooting for HP Converged Infrastructure environments, is releasing its Toolbox Edition this week with a set of essential tools that IT Admins will be pleased to adopt. This software provides true visibility into the data center that can increase uptime for businesses’ crucial traffic.

A major challenge in administration of today’s complex converged infrastructure environments is the difficulty in obtaining a comprehensive picture across the entire data center. In response, MagicFlex has developed a unique software solution that enables administrators to gain end-to-end actionable insights across their server, SAN, network and virtualization elements.

The newly released Toolbox Edition troubleshoots an unrestricted number of domains for an extended time period, and is available free of charge for a limited time only.

This software comprises specific modules from the MagicFlex Smart Analysis Edition, a robust software application with wide-ranging capabilities incorporating in-depth analytics, alerts and performance data. With its top-quality assistance in troubleshooting and network configuration, it is no surprise that IT admins are increasingly relying on MagicFlex for their Converged Infrastructure environments. MagicFlex is a read-only software solution installed as a virtual appliance, and by design does not perform any operations within the testing lab or production environment.

MagicFlex’s Toolbox provides high visibility into the HP Virtual Connect and its interfaces. The Dashboard displays the statuses of all the Virtual Connect Domains, so that it is clearly evident which Domains have critical or major issues. In addition, the health status of the external interfaces, such as the WMware virtual servers and Brocade SAN switches are shown.

MagicFlex’s Toolbox tools include Show Config, which assists in configuration and backup of the Virtual Connect domains. The Address Ranges lists MAC address ranges throughout the HP data center, thereby helping to prevent duplication of MAC addresses. Find MAC/WWN/Serial functionality provides quick means to locate these identifiers. For enhanced troubleshooting, the System Log offers high visibility into data center events with a one-page, consolidated view of all Virtual Connect system logs.

The Toolbox Edition showcases MagicFlex’s capabilities in troubleshooting and with network configuration, and is a valuable asset for IT Administrators managing enterprise data center environments.

About MagicFlex

MagicFlex Analysis Software Ltd., an innovative software vendor, introduces unique perceptions and analysis for converged infrastructure environments. It is a distinctive product that integrates advanced troubleshooting, preventive analysis and actionable insights.

Company founders developed MagicFlex based on their experience as Virtual Connect architects and technical consultants since its inception. They recognized the need to easily identify issues within Virtual Connect and developed a unique solution that assists network and system administrators with analysis and troubleshooting.

MagicFlex has expanded its smart analysis capabilities to additional interfaces such as the virtual servers (WMware) and the SAN switches (Brocade) and will continue to add other server, storage and network components. MagicFlex simplifies identification of performance issues and significantly reduces the time required to troubleshoot situations within converged infrastructure environments.

Customers include government, defense and law enforcement agencies and large financial institutions, healthcare and communication enterprises. MagicFlex is privately held. For more information, please visit:

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Esther Levine

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