NetGen Communications Announces FaxTap NG

ROSWELL, Ga., Sept. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NetGen Communications has announced a major breakthrough and unique feature of its FaxTap product.  FaxTap is software designed to analyze fax transactions for lawful intercept and fax troubleshooting.  The company is applying for a patent on the new technology.

John Sennott, Director, Channel Marketing at NetGen, pointed out that FaxTap NG will be demonstrated at next week’s Cloud Partners conference in New Orleans (booth 709).

Cliff Schornak, FaxTap’s lead developer explained, “Neither FaxTap nor any other analysis tool has been able to automatically analyze and render the image of a session that used the T.30 NSF/NSS (Non-Standard Facilities) feature.  NSF allows fax terminals from the same manufacturer to set up the session and exchange image data using a proprietary protocol, presenting developers of fax-analysis software with a previously never-met challenge since the use of proprietary signaling means it can’t determine what modems are used nor the size and encoding of the image data.  FaxTap NG finally solves that problem, rendering the image contained in NSF session.”

Sennott pointed out that Mr. Schornak will be in NetGen’s booth at Cloud Partners, and suggested that attendees visit booth 709 to have him explain how he solved this problem and can solve the problems service providers’s customers are experiencing with FoIP.  “Moreover, if you provide NetGen Communications with a recording of an NSS session to test, you will receive you a 60-day FaxTap NG license,” he went on to say.

A graphical user interface is also added to the release, making it more suitable for use by service-provider support personnel and OEMs developing gateways and servers that support FoIP.  There is also a version designed specifically for the lawful-intercept OEM.

About NetGen Communications:

NetGen Communications, Inc. (NetGen),a spin-off of Commetrex Corporation, recently announced a development and marketing partnership with New Rock Technologies of Salem, New Hampshire, and Shanghai.  The first product produced by the partnership is Smart ATA®, which incorporates NetGen’s Smart FoIP® technology, is helping NetGen fulfill its promise to the industry to “make FoIP work.”  Now, the partnership has produced the MX series of access gateways with capacities ranging from 2-120 ports.

SOURCE NetGen Communications

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