An Appointment to Test Your Mettle

test your mettle cartoon

Sometimes you have the beginning of a cartoon, but the end takes a while to reveal itself.

I knew I wanted something with ‘Your 2:30 is here…” and I wanted the secretary to have that ‘you’re in trouble’ look on her face, but it took forever to find the last couple of words.

Some rejected endings include:

  • …grovel for forgiveness.
  • …try his best and ultimately fail.
  • …waste everyone’s time.
  • …sink or swim.
  • …for the big reveal!
  • …the poor guy.
  • …that thing you’re going to spring on him.

I don’t know how ‘test your mettle’ won out exactly – but it just seemed like the best fit.

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  1. “Test his mettle.” is cool. I can’t imagine it being anything else. Saying that though, if I really had to choose a couple more, I’d go with “grovel for forgiveness” or “waste everyone’s time.”