New Verizon SpeedMatch Program Will Boost Upload Speeds on FIOS

Verizon SpeedMatch

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For most Internet accounts, it takes much longer to upload a video, photo or other large file than to download content from the Web. This is especially a problem for small businesses as they increasingly need to share more and more content with customers online. But one online provider says, for small businesses and many other users, that is about to change.

Verizon says it will increase upload speeds for its small business and residential FIOS customers to match their current download rates.

The company announced its Verizon SpeedMatch program today Sept. 22  to even out upload and download speeds on its FIOS network. So, a small business with download speed of 50Mbps should be able to upload video and other files at the same speed from now on.

Here’s a video outlining the program in more detail:

The Verizon SpeedMatch upgrade is available for customers with FIOS speeds up to 500Mbps.

Typically, upload speeds have been only half the speed at which most FIOS users can download content from the Web. But that arrangement is no longer meeting the needs of most small business customers. In a news release on the official Verizon website, vice president of National Mass Business Marketing Mary Yarbrough, explains:

“Small businesses’ appetite for fast, reliable Internet capability is increasing as they move larger files, images and video to and from their customers. A reliable, fast Internet connection can enable small-business owners to run their business more efficiently, saving them time and resources.”

Verizon says the increased upload speed will give small businesses many capabilities they don’t currently have. Those capabilities include sending large files more quickly.

For instance, if a medical office wants to send an MRI result over the Web, that 100MB file would take about 53 seconds to upload on a 15Mbps connection. When the upload speed is increased to 50Mbps, it takes just 16 seconds to upload the image, Verizon says.

But higher upload speeds also allow small businesses to participate in more seamless video conferences. And it also allows them to more easily stream events online.

Small business owners wishing to learn more about the new Verizon SpeedMatch program rolling out to all Verizon FIOS users this Fall can visit SmallBizReady.

Verizon believes the demand for high speed upload will only increase in the next few years. For example, in a news release detailing the new program, the Internet carrier estimates that by 2016 the upload activity on its FIOS network will have doubled.

The company also expects the number of devices connected to the Internet to increase in the next few years. And this too will likely increase the demand for higher upload and download speeds, the company says.

Image: Verizon

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  1. That’s good news. I am always wondering why upload speed is always not at par with download speed. Download is usually faster. I don’t know what’s the deal with that because it runs on the same Internet.