7 Awesome Business Tools and How They Can Help You

awesome business tools

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Mike Michalowicz, CEO of Provendus Group, swears by the importance of the cloud and writes that there’s virtually no limit to what the cloud can do for businesses.

While there are tons of ways that the cloud can be used to your advantage. The availability of smashing web-based tools is a true blessing. These awesome business tools will allow your small businesses to function and work just as large companies do, only without the large expense.

When you use some good tools, you position yourself just as good as the big boys. Here are some awesome business tools you should consider:


awesome business tools

How would you like it if you could just drop your website into a magic bowl that outputs an eCommerce site for you? ShopIntegrator does just that and more:

  • You can convert your existing website into an eCommerce store.
  • Get complete set of tools, along with a PCI complaint secure shopping cart.
  • Be available for everyone, everywhere, with multiple device compatibility.
  • Pick from your choice of payment processes, shipping & tax modules, and even sell digital downloads if you want to.


awesome business tools

This tool is like a drug. It can even become an addiction where you’ll be guilty of staring at live, streaming numbers all day long. Clicky is a complete analytics tool (even better than Google Analytics in many ways). Clicky gives you all the numbers you need from visitor counts to bounce rates, from spying to Twitter alerts.

Even a small business or a startup can be a data-driven company, as Natalie Issa writes.

  • Get complete, detailed analytics on every page of your website.
  • Measure interactions from website to social and vice-versa.
  • Get a lot more data than what Google Analytics can provide for an affordable price per month.
  • To know is to succeed. Continuously work on your website, content, and marketing plan based on rigorous analytics.


awesome business tools

Salesforce is a bulky CRM, which has a lot to offer, and you might not need all of those features. Instead, you should look for something that’s simple, clutter-free, and gets the work done. Think PipeDrive.

PipeDrive allows you to take a complete look at your pipeline. It’s also a CRM that integrates with Gmail, an awesome visual interface, and just the right dose of features to grow your business. With PipeDrive, you can:

  • Effectively manage your sales pipeline.
  • Focus on the right deals.
  • Integrate with Zapier, Mailchimp, Yesware, QuoteRoller, and many more services.


awesome business tools

Marketing automation is a dream come true for entrepreneurs. A dream that promises you “automation” for one of the hardest entries on your “to do” list – get clients or customers.

IDC predicts that marketing automation industry is set to reach the $4.8 billion dollar level. Katie Holler of Capterra curated a ton of stats to show how the marketing automation industry is booming. There are at least 211 marketing automation vendors available and the revenue is projected to grow by 60% this year.

So, that brings us to one of the best-known names in marketing automation: Infusionsoft. It’s a robust and complete CRM system that allows you to:

  • Get organized.
  • Automate your marketing.
  • Close sales better.
  • Give you tools to sell online.

They also have “kickstart services” to help you get up and running with the tool along with strategic insights to run your business.


awesome business tools

How would you like to be able to send emails like Amazon does? Vero is an email service provider that allows you to send trigger-based emails, transactional emails, and regular commercial/information-based emails. You can:

  • Send highly customized emails to your customers.
  • Deploy A/B testing for your emails to make better decisions.
  • Put automated email campaigns triggered on user behavior to work for your apps and website.
  • Integrate with Mixpanel, KissMetrics, and many other services to complete your marketing workflow.


awesome business tools

First impressions rule, as they say. In the general scheme of things, it’s hard to make awesome impressions given the clutter that’s a part of your customers’ lives everyday.

Populr came along to change all that. With Populr.me, you can create one-page websites to put up anything you want on those pages to get some focus into your marketing activity. Here are a few ideas using Populr:

  • Create specific product or service related pages.
  • Build standalone resource pages to help you get more leads.
  • Showcase your products and services.
  • Create explainer pages.

The point is that you can create any of these or more – but also use visitor engagement metrics to know how users interact with your pages.


awesome business tools

We are all in sales, writes Daniel H. Pink in his book To Sell Is Human. Everyone has to sell, but entrepreneurs have to do more. Weather you are a startup founder, a writer, an agency owner, a self-employed professional or the owner of a fast-growing business, you always have a need to sell.

PointDrive helps you pump up the “oomph factor” in your sales pitches and materials:

  • With PointDrive, you can create multi-attachment, web-based compilations to make your presentations interactive.
  • After you create them, you can easily email or create links to share.
  • The presentations look great on any browser or device type.
  • Keep a tab on how your customers engage with your material and insights.
  • Follow up strategically based on those insights and wow your customers.

What are some of your favorites, that you’d consider awesome business tools?

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  1. Is ShopIntegrator applicable to international markets? I have to check out popurl.me for a future project.

  2. AJ & Serenity Services

    This looks like a great list of online business resources. I would add Crazy Egg which is something that could help more with analyzing your website (offering certain insights that Google Analytics couldn’t offer). I would also add AWeber which has helped me more with my email marketing than any other resource.

    Nonetheless, it’s important that you go with what works for you. What works for you and helps you may differ from what works for me and helps me succeed.

  3. This is a great list for web services, but if you’ve also go an app, a great tool for mobile analytics is Appsee which features insights into user behavior using heatmaps and actual recorded sessions. A very handy tool, considering how important mobile has become in business.

  4. Great article! I’ve already signed up for PipeDrive and loving it! Much better than the other CRM tools I’ve tried.

  5. These are great sales and marketing focused tools. On the productivity side I love Evernote. It can help you capture and remember all the things that come your way during the day. It is well integrated in both desktop and mobile. I use it to “offload” those things that are important to come to at some point in the future so that I don’t have to “remember” them myself.

  6. I have been using Clicky for some time now, yes, definitely is way better than Google Analytics and that being included in this post, You got me thinking about the rest of the tools… will definitely check into it, truly I am addicted to Clicky!!!!!