ClearFit Joins with Industry Partners to Simplify Hiring for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today ClearFit announced several alliances with organizations across North America to leverage ClearFit’s revolutionary small and mid-size business (SMB) hiring platform to help these firms make faster, easier and better hiring decisions.

ClearFit is partnering with leading education services company, Pearson, the Automotive Training Institute, and top Chambers of Commerce across North America to help transform the SMB hiring process. As a trusted partner, ClearFit will provide tailored hiring solutions for employees and applicants, helping place the right candidates in the right positions.

ClearFit has been selected as one of 10 companies to participate in the Pearson Catalyst for Education program, which matches Pearson brands with innovative startups to deliver new pilot programs and accelerate the future of learning. As one of the top learning companies in the world, Pearson is partnering with ClearFit to explore how technology can help companies easily find workers with the right skills and personalities to succeed.

Specifically, the companies will explore how ClearFit can work with the Pearson’s Acclaim badging platform, which allows job candidates to showcase and share their achievements in a way that catches the eye of future employers.

“As part of the Pearson Catalyst for Education accelerator, we are excited to integrate ClearFit into our Acclaim Badging Platform,” said Jarin Schmidt, Acclaim’s Business Development Executive at Pearson. “Acclaim was designed to connect individuals with jobs by allowing them to display their verified skills and achievements digitally across the web. Our work with ClearFit is valuable because it gives individuals the ability to highlight personal attributes they bring to a job or company, in a valid and secure way.”

The Acclaim Badging Platform enables potential employers to quickly and easily verify qualifications of job applicants.  By having Pearson learners take a ClearFit survey, they validate the key attributes that predict success in a particular job.

“Finding and hiring the right employees is such a critical factor in any business’ ability to grow,” said Jamie Schneiderman, co-founder and CEO of ClearFit. “With ClearFit, we’ve made it incredibly easy to not only find skilled applicants for any role, but also predict their success. We’ve taken the pain out hiring for small to mid-sized businesses so they can quickly and easily fill open positions with the people that will succeed.”

Added ClearFit co-founder Ben Baldwin: “The launch of these partnerships is a new, exciting phase of our growth to help solve the hiring pain and to enable more businesses to reach their growth goals.”

ClearFit is also partnering with the Automotive Training Institute (ATI) to facilitate the training of ATI Coaches, who serve as key resources for ATI members. Providing specialized seminars on the challenges of hiring and the benefits of quickly identifying talent will enable SMB owners to locate skilled employees with the right qualifications and characteristics needed to be successful.

Leveraging its hiring expertise to help local companies overcome the challenges they face when hiring, ClearFit is also working with several top Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade across North America, most recently, the Central Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and the Toronto Region Board of Trade. ClearFit’s unique approach will help local companies identify the best job candidates to enable robust business growth, avoiding costly employee turnover.

ClearFit’s insight and technology allows SMBs to make faster and better hiring decisions. By reducing the effort to find quality applicants who succeed at an affordable rate and with award-winning customer service, ClearFit solves a critical problem for SMBs in today’s evolving job market. In just a few short years, post a $7 million series A funding, ClearFit has turned this winning formula into rapid growth and established itself as the trusted brand in the SMB hiring space.

To learn more about ClearFit visit or call 1-877-789-8767.

About ClearFit

ClearFit is a patented hiring platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses quickly and easily find applicants and make better hiring decisions. ClearFit automates typical labor-intensive efforts such as creating job descriptions and posting to multiple job boards, and uses a patented “job-fit” technology to instantly rank and sort applicants based on who’s most likely to succeed. ClearFit recognizes the unique hiring challenges facing SMBs and provides every customer a dedicated hiring coach and award-winning support to help them every step of the way. Learn more at


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