Digitus Biometrics Releases db Cabinet Sentry: A New Server Cabinet Access Control Platform

SAVANNAH, Ga., Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Digitus Biometrics, a leading provider of data center access control solutions, is excited to announce the release of our new db Cabinet Sentry server cabinet access control platform. db Cabinet Sentry is built to combine energy efficiency, ease of use and cost-effectiveness into a single compact package.

db Cabinet Sentry is an in-cabinet control unit that is approximately the size of two smartphones stacked on top of one another. They can be deployed in either a networked or standalone setting, but are particularly beneficial in settings where organizations are working with a structured cabling setup. The db Cabinet Sentry uses energy so efficiently that it can be configured in a Power-over-Ethernet setup, making it ideal for these types of environments. It is also possible to use an external power source for db Cabinet Sentry.

Like all of our access control systems, the db Cabinet Sentry integrates with our DAS-SQL Software. The software solution provides full management functionality for all network-connected db Cabinet Sentry locks. This gives users the freedom to manage device configuration, user enrollment, reporting, alerting and monitoring through a centralized software platform. We also provide customers with a mobile app that provides core functions including device configuration, user enrollment and reporting if the db Cabinet Sentry is being deployed in a standalone environment instead of in a network.

“The db Cabinet Sentry is the result of two years of customer feedback being integrated into the Digitus ServerRack Access Control platform,” said David A. Orischak, CEO, Digitus Biometrics, Inc. “Key features of the Cabinet Sentry are: PoE, optional environmental sensors that measure things like temperature and humidity and a Bluetooth interface. The Bluetooth interface enables mobile authentication and the ability to operate the db Cabinet Sentry in a true standalone mode, in addition to networked mode. The minimal size of the db Cabinet Sentry allows it to be installed virtually anywhere in the cabinet.”

When it comes to actually deploying the db Cabinet Sentry, the unit is compatible with any existing lock option from Digitus Biometrics, and can also be modified to work with any electromechanical lock not offered by Digitus Biometrics.

db Cabinet Sentry is backed by our db Infinity Program, giving users access to software and firmware updates through the life of their access control system. The unit also supports up to 6 environmental sensors.

[VIDEO: http://www.digitus-biometrics.com/blog/digitus-biometrics-announces-the-release-of-db-cabinet-sentry-video/]

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