Food and Craft Gift Ideas for Your Business

Update: See the latest list for the foodies and crafty people on your list at 20 Food and Craft Gift Ideas.

There is an ever growing community of crafters, makers, and foodies worldwide. And there is also an ever growing demand for the unique products they create. Chances are some of your partners, customers, clients and employees  are among these creative connoisseurs. And, if so, finding unique gifts to please and delight them during the holiday season, or anytime a gift might be appropriate, can be a challenge.

Here is a list of creative food and craft gift ideas for that difficult to shop for client or partner.

Wooden Foodie Dice

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

Packaged in an upcycled wine bottle tumbler these wooden dice are a fun and amusing gift for foodies. Nine dice are included in this gift set. Five of the dice have different proteins, cooking methods, grains, carbs, herbs and bonus ingredients printed on them. The other four dice contain the names of seasonal vegetables, one for each season. Roll the dice for over 186,000 possible meal combinations. The gift is $38 from Shoppe.

Craft of the Month Club

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

The Craft of the Month Club from Lullubee will give crafters on your list something to do with their spare time. Delivered right to the doorstep of the crafter on your list, each kit is a surprise. Each includes a different craft every month with all the materials and instructions needed. There are also a few extras popped in for good measure. At $34 a month, you may not want to order a whole year’s worth, but even one would make an exciting and appreciated gift.

Candied Orange and Hibiscus Dark Chocolate

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

Have a chocolate lover on your gift list? Take a look at these $9 artisan chocolates from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Specialty dark chocolate bark is topped with candied orange and hibiscus flowers. The bars are hand-formed making each one unique. This is not just chocolate, it’s art.

Mini Personal Electronic Cutter

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

At $79.99 this mini personal electronic cutter from Cricut is definitely one of the more expensive gifts you could give a crafter on your list. However, if you are willing to pay a little more, the results will likely be worth it. The Cricut Mini will cut a wide variety of materials from cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and chipboard. It also comes with over 500 free images so the recipient can start enjoying his or her gift right away.

On Food and Cooking

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

“Molecular gastronomy” is the best way to describe the topic of this out-of-the-ordinary cookbook. “On Food and Cooking” does not just describe how to cook something, it also describes why it works and the science behind food. The foodie on your list will love reading about food, where is comes from, what it’s made from, and how it’s transformed through cooking. The book is available for $24 from Barnes and Noble.

Martha Stewart Craft Paint Set

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

It doesn’t get more crafty than Martha Stewart. Indeed, Stewart’s line of craft supplies are extremely popular. Useful for a variety of hobby painting projects, this 10 piece high-performance paint set comes in different color and finish options. The paints are self-priming, work on multiple surfaces and are even dishwasher safe. Sets start at $19.99 from Michaels.

Trio of Syrups Gift Box

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

Any mixologist would have fun unwrapping this trio of  all natural syrups from Morris Kitchen. The box set includes Spiced Apple, Preserved Lemon, and Ginger and also three cocktail recipes. These syrups are not just good for drinks, however. They can also be used in cooking. Bottled in Brooklyn, NY in amber colored glass, this set will run you $35. And the bottles are just as enjoyable to look at as the syrup inside is delicious.

Do It Yourself Magazine Subscription

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

For the hands on and creative person on your list, a subscription to Do It Yourself Magazine is really thoughtful. Every issue is packed with projects and instructions to help get the reader’s creativity pumping. The magazine covers custom projects for the home including thrift store makeovers, art projects, room redos, projects for outdoor spaces, and more. You can give a two year subscription for less than $20 through Amazon.

Tasting Box

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

The Tasting Box from Hatchery is the gift of new flavors. Starting at $20 a month, a curated box of sample size ingredients and condiments comes right to the doorstep of the food lover on your list. Hatchery scours the country for products made by local artisans focusing on small-batch production. Each box is different, resulting in a gift full of surprises and discoveries.

Wooden Folding Ruler

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

This wooden folding ruler is a tool not every DIYer will have. Not just for measuring, it also offers a straight edge for tracing lines while working on projects. It extends up to 6 ½ feet but easily collapses to just 9 ½ inches, making it easy to store or carry wherever it needs to go. It comes in two colors — white or yellow — and displays engraved measurements in both inches and metric markings. You can find it for less than $16 at Amazon.

Coffee and Chocolate Gift Box

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

This gift box from Stumptown offers their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbessa coffee and Mast Brothers chocolate for a duo of deliciousness. Coffee lovers on your list would likely enjoy this unique and exotic brew. The coffee can be paired with the unique artisan chocolate for a match connoisseurs are likely to enjoy. Delivered in an elegant red box, this gift set will run you $35 from Stumptown Coffee.

Make Map Art Kit

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

Costing $19.99 from Modcloth, this little kit can be a fun gift for any creative soul who loves to travel. It comes with a fold-out world map and 30 illustrated templates allowing the recipient to chart and document their trips and adventures around the globe. The Make Map Art kit is an unexpected gift those on your list can personalize as they add to their travel experiences.

Bourbon Barrel Originals Gift Box

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

Boasting America’s only microbrewed soy sauce, Bourbon Barrel produces gourmet sauces and marinades. This gift set is a collection of their originals: Kentuckyaki, barrel-aged Worcestershire, and Bluegrass Soy Sauce. In addition to these three sauces, some of Bourbon Barrel’s signature spices and rubs are also included: bourbon smoked salt, bourbon smoked pepper and bourbon smoked paprika. Any at home chef would love this gift of gourmet ingredients. It’s $50 from Bourbon Barrel.

Leather Wrap Journal

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

For $35 from Barnes and Noble, this leather journal is touted as being handbound in Florence, Italy. Sturdy leather and sheets of acid-free paper makes this journal useful as well as eye catching. With a traditional wrap binding and tie it has the added bonus of being refillable, so it will never outlive its usefulness. For anyone on your list who likes to sketch out ideas or handwrite notes, this journal makes a classy gift.

 Honey and Maple Syrup Gift Set

Food and Craft Gift Ideas

Made locally in New York State by Catskill Provisions, this gift set includes sweet honey and grade A maple syrup. The bees used have been carefully selected to ensure only high quality wildflower honey is produced. The maple syrup is crafted using additional filtering steps giving it a depth of rich clean flavor. With a honey wand included, top quality sweet stuff, and attractive packaging, connoisseurs will love it. The gift set is $25 from Many Kitchens.

Gifts can be as unique as the recipient and the gift giver. And this goes for business gifts too. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of food and craft gift ideas to create a connection with your most unique clients, customers and employees.

Update: See the latest list for the foodies and crafty people on your list at 20 Food and Craft Gift Ideas.

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  1. Oooh, the wooden foodie dice is very clever. I know a friend who’d love that!

    And though I don’t really like dark chocolate, I’d try the orange and hibiscus dark choc. Looks so pretty.

  2. Aira Bongco

    I must admit that I am quite a foodie myself. I love to have that foodie dice. It is a nice addition to my home where most of the people are passionate foodies.

  3. Martin Lindeskog

    Tabby: I see opportunities for my future tea hobby business! 🙂 For you chile-heads out there, I have a tip: olive oil with chile peppers. I will be involved in marketing a new hot & spicy product in the near future.

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