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  1. I think it’s key that you make it as easy as possible for people to give you a review, and that you spend your efforts on the people that you know had a fabulous experience. Most people who give reviews were either blown away happy or super unhappy. Get the former and not the latter.

  2. Brands can harness the power of brand advocates via a successful referral program, like the ones we do at Amplifinity. Advocates, those willing to do a referral for your brand, are given many options including social media outlets, to sing the brand’s praises. Referral programs leverage a targeted market, expand your reach, and operate through your fans reaching out to their network of people who trust them way more than an ad or stranger.

  3. The goal for any business should be to make it relatively easy for its customers to leave reviews on independent review sites. More so, since the customers are the ones with actual experience of their product or service.