HP Offers Budget PC, Tablets – For Real This Time

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News earlier this week of HP’s plan to split into two companies has renewed interest in the company’s PC’s and printers, what one of the new companies, HP Inc., will focus on.

When news was leaked in August about a possible $199 Windows laptop from HP, the HP Stream 14 there was excitement among small business users. But that excitement was tempered a bit when the HP Stream 14 actually debuted with a price tag closer to $300.

Now it looks like business owners will get their HP Windows laptop for under $200 after all — for real this time. There may even be a $99 Windows tablet to boot. From the photos we’ve seen, they may come in some pretty funky colors too.

HP has now formally introduced both devices as part of a slate of new releases in its Stream series. They include:

  • The HP Stream 11.6″ diagnal will retail starting at $199.
  • The HP Stream 13.3″ diagonal will retail starting at $229.99.
  • The HP Stream 7 Tablet will retail starting at $99.
  • The HP Stream 8 Tablet will retail starting at $149.99.

The devices are expected to be available in the U.S. by early November.

In an official announcement introducing the new tablets on HP’s homepage, Vice President of Product Management and Consumer Personal Systems Mike Nash, explained:

“The HP Stream products announced today hit the mark with sleek design, portability, access to free cloud storage, and the familiarity of Windows and Office 365.”

Both laptops will feature an Intel Celeron processor and 32GB of flash storage installed. And both will be sold in two colors, a version of a bright pink and a shade of blue.

Both will also feature with 2GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics card. The batteries on each should last more than 8 hours. The 13.3-inch Stream will also be sold with 200MB of free 4G data each month that the device lasts.

The 8-inch Stream tablet will also include that 200MB of free 4G data for the life of the device.

The Stream notebooks also come with one terabyte of free storage on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage and collaboration services for up to one year and access to Office 365 Personal, Microsoft’s subscription-based productivity suite for the same period.

Image: HP

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