LyncShield Enables Smart Card Authentication for Lync Users

JERUSALEM, October 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — LyncShield, an innovative solution that guarantees secure mobile and external Lync authentication, has added a new solution enabling smart card authentication to allow workers connect to the organization’s Lync servers from external devices.

Organizations, such as financial institutions and governments that use smart card login for authenticating their workers identity, might face problems preventing their employees from using applications such as Microsoft Lync from mobile and other external devices.

Organizations, that use smart card login for strong authentication, do not have to manage Active Directory (AD) credentials as they use instead the smart card for multi-factor authentication. This in turn may cause other problems, as Lync requires Active Directory credentials to connect from handheld devices.

LyncShield’s innovative solution solves this challenge by breaking the authentication process into two separate steps:

  • The user creates dedicated Lync credentials by performing a registration process in a self-service web portal inside network. This is done from his PC using smart card login.
  • Afterwards, the user needs to connect his mobile device within a limited timeframe by entering the dedicated Lync credentials on the mobile device.

“We were approached by customers who couldn’t find a good solution for smart card authentication,” said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed LyncShield. “Our simple and easy to implement security solution allows organizations to continue maintaining the Smart Card authentication policy enabling mobile users connect to the corporate network from outside network without using Active Directory credentials.”

Eldan said that LyncShield intends to continue and release new solutions to address the specific needs of its clients. LyncShield has added last month new security features to protect the users of external devices who wish to use Microsoft Lync from outside the organization. This enables users to safely connect to Lync servers from smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and any other external device outside the organization. The solution prevents unauthorized devices from penetrating the corporate network and protects the Active Directory.

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